Stem Cell Transplant And Statistics

Recently my wife and I got the stats on her upcoming stem cell transplant. Apparently it only works for one out of two people ( 50/50 ). In the event her own stem cells don’t make it then it would require a blood relative donor whose cells have a 30 to 40% chance of killing her. That’s a lot to take in but I know these are human statistics and God transcends these so we continue to pray and remain positive.

One doctor told me its all just litigation and the hospital covering itself by giving these odds out. He said if you ever wanted cancer it would have to be Hodgkin’s lymphoma and that it is curable so not to worry. Easier said than done ( that is the not worrying part ) but we are hanging in there and Audrey remains to be that strong blade of Grass swaying in the wind and taking a beating in the storm but not uprooted just yet.

Just another two cycles of the ICE Chemo remain then its on to BEAM and the stem cell transplant. The Beam is so strong it requires a stem cell transplant just to keep her alive. It’s all heavy stuff but I’m gonna leave it at this short explanation for now. I’m so tired right now I just need sleep. Please continue to storm heaven for us.

God bless.

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3 thoughts on “Stem Cell Transplant And Statistics

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  2. Praying for you and Audrey as always.

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