They Want Rid Of The Angelus – Irelands Atheist revolution

Today the irish times had posted a poll for those in favour or against eliminating the current televised Angelus which precedes the 6pm news on RTE. It comes as no surprise that 50% want it gone because they beleive it no longer represents modern secular Ireland that is now multicultural and also multi faith.

But what has happened Ireland that now wants to rid itself of Catholicism? I beleive what is happening now is a revolution similar to that of the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and which was properly established in 1922. What they did was they took over the government with their own ideaologies but because the Russian Orthodox church enjoyed special privileges from the Autocratic state enjoying official status they too were seen as part of this government they were trying to overthrow and so they sought to take control of the church and eliminate it replacing it with atheism.

In Ireland this process is being done slowly, in a diplomatic way rather than a full on burning down of the buildings and riots on the street, there was, behind closed doors, a shift to change ireland a long time ago. The Media, politics and free masonry has a lot to do with the influence upon the minds of Irish people and their biggest stick to beat the church with was the scandals and the physical abuse in the industrial schools.

They wanted to change government and bring Ireland into the ”21st century” apparently by opening up its borders to ensure it became multi-cultural. A mutli cultural society would mean new laws that would create a more secular society and as a result, the dominant religion perhaps not of the entire nation but certainly the culture and majority of ireland, that once enjoyed even government official status. . . in time. . .would be taken control of and washed out eventually without the need for physical violence but rather a violence of breaking down our childrens religious beliefs and heritage. This is a much more dangerous violence. Like a boa constrictor it slowly wraps itself around the neck of Ireland and chokes it to death before it swallows it whole. All of these ideologies take time, and so through time with shows like ”Father ted” ( created by an atheist who hates the church and currently campaigning for abortion with amnesty international ) which displayed priests as ”buffoons” and Catholicism as something that was old hat and a religion to be embarrassed by and enjoyed only by old people played an enourmous part in the attitude of the Irish public towards their Catholic faith during the 90s.

Again as time progressed we saw a secular state taking control of the Catholic schools who where once Catholic but are only so now in name. The Catholic Bishops are afraid of losing state funding and the state are afraid of the Catholics rejecting the state and going private, leaving the state to spend money creating their own atheist schools. So there is a cat and mouse game going on. Catholic church needs funding but uses the excuse its clinging to its schools to try and keep their catholic influence on ireland and state needs the church because they do NOT want to have to create their own schools.So the church bends over backwards for the state allowing secular sex education and people of all faiths attend its schools.

Gay marriage has come along and Irelands once pro life status is now gone all in the space of a few years. Fathers teds work is complete, the medias breaking down of irelands attitude towards religion and homosexuality in the likes of soap operas using homosexual characters to play upon the emotions of the irish public has worked and ”now its time” ( they say ) to roll in gay marriage referendum upon this successfully brainwashed culture as well as abortion”.  This slow revolution is now at its highest tidal wave and Ireland is now beginning to enter a very… very dark period. These dark periods have happened from the time of Abraham to David to roman times and will continue to happen the faithful forever but none will be as dark as these last days. My advice to myself is to sit down, fight as much as you can for your childrens place on the boat ( Church ) of truth, make sure they’re wearing their life jacket ( the rosary ) and ride out the storm ( Evil ).

Ireland are going through a revolution similar to the Bolsheviks led by Lenin in which the church is seen as a threat to a society who now wants to rid the government of its Christian influenced laws and live in a new world of work and play without religion. Don’t allow your children to be enslaved by this monster, fight your corner, stand up to the wolf and allow Jesus to decide when he will wake up and calm that storm. Because eventually he will and blessed are those who clung to the boat and were patient for they will shine like stars for all eternity.

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