Irish Catholic Schools Are No More

Western Ireland’s control of the Church has become much like China who have created their own Catholic Church that they control and ordain its own bishops (all of which is illegal). The same has happened in Ireland (albeit on a much more subtle scale) in its “state run Catholic schools”. They – schools – are owned by the Catholic Church but they are now only public schools with formation in Holy Communion and Confirmation classes but little else goes on there. They have, under pressure from the socialist state, opened their doors to people of all faiths. 

What follows then is pressure to eliminate a one religion all Catholic ethos replaced by a secular one that teaches students of all faiths and none. This kind of tactic is in keeping with the states desire to confuse the child about its own religion and question it rather than embrace it. The church allows this infiltration of state control and at the root of it is money. 

The Church does not want to forfeit the funding it receives from the state and they are concerned for poor people who, if they did decide to kick the state and go private, would not be able to afford private schooling. What happens then is that the poor would choose the new “free” education provided by the new state schools and they’d still have the Irish Church by the balls as they do now with the current state run schools. 

It is a difficult situation that I honestly don’t have a solution for and I cannot explain why our bishops have no spine and cannot speak out and fight it. All I can say is that the times are tough and  any of us really serious about our children’s spiritual, mental, physical and educational growth would be better off homeschooling them. Don’t throw your children in amongst the wolves at such a young and impressionable age as their hearts, minds and soul will be murdered. 

When you throw your child into this system your putting them in a classroom with the ungodly who don’t go to Mass, pray at home or even like the church at all. You will have nothing but conflict in the home trying to unschool the secularism they’ve  received at public school and it will get very messy. The child will eventually succumb to the herd mentality and trust its peers and the majority rules as opposed to his or her own parent. How many times have I heard a child say to their parent in the midst of an argument , “yeah well my teacher said… THERE”. Enormous conflict. 

If you don’t think your kids will mirror the ungodly kids at school then you’re far removed from reality. My son met a young man on the street, a little older than him. The boy spoke like a Cali surf dude. My son came home talking just like him and began to succumb to his accent and mannerisms. My son is only 4 years old yet you see how much he mimicked the kid? If they copy this behaviour how much more will they adopt other behaviour and beliefs over what you teach them? 

Trust me it’s what’s best for them. Take them off the street out of the schools and socialise them in areas where you can monitor them at all times such as the local soccer club. You won’t have to do this forever it’s only until they reach the age of good reason at which point they will be firmly grounded in the faith. I know it’s sounds so snobbish and you’ll feel horrible but God has entrusted us with their lives and we will have to give account for how they turn out spiritually one day so stop caring about what other families do with their kids and focus heavily on your own. You’re on a mission and that mission is to prepare your kids for heaven…..let nothing….and I mean nothing or nobody……come in between that. 

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