Democracy Or Dictator Which Is Better

Many in western society often think of Hitler, Mussolini or stalin when the word ”Dictator” comes up in conversation. It is therefore a reason why we often associate it with being a bad thing however it is possible to have a good dictatorship. The only problem I’m told is that with a dictatorship whoever is next in line could be an absolute monster as was the case with Henry the VII for example.

It’s easy to see it that way but you know democracy can be just as cruel as a dictatorship. It sounds better to be told ”you have the choice to decide your countries fate ” and that ”the majority rules” has a much better ring to it simply because we love to be able to decide for ourselves.

However are we really deciding for ourselves? Or is the powers that be who brainwash us, condition and program our way of life from a young age through TV and local norms are the ones who decide our countries fate thus in reality making it a dictatorship whereby the small rich political minority with lots of funding rule but not the majority?

In western society we have become victim of ideological colonization mostly achieved by people with lots of money and those in the media pushing an agenda who take an idea and they make it ”popular”. They do this by creating comedy shows and introduce these ideas into soap operas to play upon the emotions of the viewers to convince them that abortion is the right thing to do or gay marriage is the way forward and so on.

Therefore media is the only podium upon which the liberal elite can shout aloud their abominable values and really transform and brainwash a nation. Therefore telling the people they get to decide is one thing but they usually bring about a referendum after years of brainwashing the country into their ideals. Then, when the time is right, and the sheep have been successfully brainwashed they launch their referendum either it be on something like abortion, gay marriage etc. But it doesn’t stop there.

If the people really decide ( which is what a democracy is all about ), why is it that when they have a referendum on abortion as was the case here in ireland, that after the people kept rejecting it ANOTHER referendum would come up 10 years later? Did the people not already speak? Of course they did but they use the gap in the years between our decision to brainwash us and try and convince us of their way of seeing things. They then throw us ANOTHER referendum until we get the answer right and vote yes to abortion on demand rather than no. How is constantly throwing the same referendum at us time and time again a democracy? its not a democracy, its a dictatorship hidden under the guise of ”the people rule” rubbish.

So which is better, democracy or dictatorship? the short answer is neither is good because man is by nature controlling and sinful. the political ideas of the world such as communism, socialism, dictatorship, democracy all belong to the biblical figure ”Cain” who killed his brother and turned his back on God. He represents the world and we have been under his thumb for centuries and thousands of years and it will be until the end of time. Still, even though we cannot cure this monster at least when we become aware of his ways we can at least keep him on a leash. Truly, however, God is in control and nobody has been able to destroy Gods plan for humanity.

Thanks for reading my rant but I just had to get that one off my  chest.





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  1. its always will be the mix..

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