Why As A Catholic I’m Looking Into The Orthodox Church 

When you see a problem begin to emerge such as a leaky pipe, this is often the tip of the iceberg which leads you to discover a much deeper problem. Without the leaky pipe you can’t find the underlying problem and uproot it in order to fix it. When I look at the western church, I see a lot of it has changed since the schism of 1054 and there are many leaky pipes. The problems of the western church have snowballed into the disaster it is today and as the years progress the bigger it becomes. Here are the leaks I’ve seen in the church that led me to discover more about the Orthodox Church:

Baptism, Holy Communion and Chrismation:

Why did the Roman church separate these three and suddenly decide only those children at the age of reason can take Holy communion? Does a mother refuse her child breast milk because the child doesn’t understand what it is? No but the breast milk is life and if the child doesn’t take it he will die. Holy communion without it we die a spiritual death which is much worse than if we were to die a physical one and Christ gives it to all even those who, through no fault their own, cannot comprehend it. 

The Mass or Roman Catholic Divine Liturgy:

This is where some of the biggest leaky pipes are to be discovered in the Roman church. Their behaviour towards the Holy Eucharist is just diabolical. They just hand over our Lord to ordinary lay ministers to hand out with their hands and no protection should the Eucharist fall. Another example of this is in Brazil at world youth day Pope Francis overseen people handing out Jesus to millions of people in just paper cups you’d find at a child’s birthday party.they were just wandering around thousands of people handing out the Divine Body of Christ to just anybody and only God himself knowing what Eucharists were being trampled underfoot. In contrast a Greek Orthodox friend mine told me that during one of the councils in Constantinople there were only 50 priests on the altar to feed 70,000 people and not once did they leave the altar and not once did the Eucharist or chalice leave their hands. They also have this new theology now where they remove Christ from the centre of the church and place Him to the side. According to catholic theologians the Eucharist serves as a distraction during Mass and so they remove the very thing that Mass is all about and place it off to the side.

They have altar girls, don’t use incense, use guitars and bands and most of the priests don’t even believe in their own Catholic religion, are feminine and obviously gay. I went to a theology program once in my diocese to try and give me some sort of hope that I may be able to fight off this apparent temptation to become Orthodox. But I didn’t know whether I was at a Baptist or Anglican theology course. It was pretty bad now in fairness and the organiser and head theologian who has worked in the diocese for years told me women could be priests. I leapt out of my chair in fright as he told me this I a quiet room with nobody present  and I sensed a very dark presence of the devil I’d never felt before to the point where even he thought I was acting weird. I left and never returned forfeiting the €200 euro I spent on it. I was gutted because I’m on social welfare and have no money but I felt being closer to God was more important than money and going back to that diabolical place. 

I told the bishop about him but it was met with silence.

All of these things made me discover more about Orthodoxy and when one is looking for the true Church, all it takes is a close observation of the fruits and a history lesson and you’re done. So I’ve come to learn of why the Orthodox don’t believe the Pope has universal jurisdiction and why I believe they are the true church and I will now get to the root of that tomorrow. Tomorrow I will discuss why their behaviour differs to that of the Catholic Church and why at the root of such behaviour lies the backing of the Holy Spirit because their house was built on rock whereas the root of the western churches woes are the result of heresy and schism and a house built on sand. 

Please pray for me 

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  1. I seem to remember when you were commenting daily on a news site you admitted to being Orthodox and this could be about two years ago.

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