A Dream On The Road To Orthodoxy

Dear friends, I do not put much hope or other into dreams. I never say whether or not they are from God or from the devil for the truth be told I just do not know.

However I will share this dream I had with you because I did find it interesting considering I am visiting for the first time the Russian Orthodox Church in Dublin this Sunday for the very first time. In fact it will be the first time I will ever be in attendance at an Orthodox Liturgy even though I’ve been to Byzantine Catholic ones which are pretty much the same thing.

I don’t particularly know my way around Dublin so I often have to drive with the use of my Sat Navigational system which I happen to prefer simply because it takes me the fastest route.

I don’t normally dream religious dreams but it seems that each time I’m about the visit an Orthodox church or Orthodox dominant country a dream seems to precede such a visitation. For example a couple of years ago I was visiting some friends Athens and a few nights before I had a dream I was standing in the old ruins of a Greek Orthodox Church.

To my own surprise I was singing a hymn to the Holy Theotokos in Greek. I’d never heard the hymn before but when I went to Greece I heard it and it took me by surprise. ”That was the hymn in my dream” I thought but I paid no attention to it and went about business as usual.

Now I am about to visit the Russian Church in Dublin and yet again I have another dream. This one was a little more troubling. I basically arrived in Dublin looking for the Russian church and asking directions to ”The Holy Trinity” ( the Orthodox church does exist on any such a road in Dublin its in Harolds Cross. ).

Nobody can assist me and so I get out of my car and all of a sudden I’m marching around on foot. I come to this neighbourhood and I begin to notice my surroundings becoming dark all of a sudden. Then I begin to see on the walls beside me large spider webs. These webs were so numerous and horrible looking they frightened me.

Things Got worse for me. It now began to go from dark to pitch black and I could not see a thing. I felt very afraid because I was walking in the dark, what if I fall and hurt myself? so I stopped and I was about to turn back but something made me persevere and so with more conviction than before, I kept marching through the darkness because it was on my mind ”No I cannot be late for the Liturgy, I have to be there.”

It eventually became brighter and brighter and it was daylight again. Now I could see I was happy and so I looked into the coffee shop and I saw there Fr.Michael Nasonov there with another priestly friend. They were sat down and could be identified by their priestly garb and a gold Byzantine Orthodox Cross around their necks. I had never met Fr.Michael in the flesh before but only saw a picture. Yet here he was in the flesh in front of me the very same person.

It turned out Divine Liturgy was over. However he wanted to give me a tour of the Church and I happily agreed. Fr.Michael then took me through the back door of the church and through the altar and then out through the royal doors of the Iconotasis into the Nave of the Church.

This was strange because only priests are allowed behind the iconotasis. Anyway he introduced me to all these Irish people. They were all Irish Orthodox. I then had to be quiet because in front of me two bishops crowns were rolled out in front of me on a table and Liturgy was about to begin.

Then the entrance hymn took me by surprise as it was a evangelist/roman catholic type hymn on folk guitars. I stood up in disgust and said to myself ”This is not Orthodox” and it was at this point I awoke from my dream. Immediately upon waking I thought ”Either that was the devil at the end taunting me or God has a sick sense of humor” haha.

So what about the dream? I can’t explain it but I assume the walk through the darkness and cobwebs was interesting. Often we associate cobwebs with trouble… and darkness either with sin and evil or the darkness and mystery of God. Did you notice I was not able to find my own way to church? nobody could assist me in this, I had to walk that path alone and find it myself, embrace it by myself because nobody else can take that step for me.

I had to walk through much hardship and darkness to get there, perhaps this darkness represented my own sins only God knows. the cobwebs perhaps represent the fact that I am in trouble. I’m stuck and have not yet become part of the true Church and in order to become clean again I must be brave and humbly walk through the darkness of my own sins. Having done this there will be God in his priests, waiting for me on the other side.

This Sunday in which I visit the church is also the feast of the Prodigal son. So my dream has a sense of me having to walk through much darkness in order to arrive home where my father will welcome me with open arms.

Of course perhaps the devil entered the last part of the dream to taunt me with terrible folk guitar/tambourine hymns of Catholic and evangelical origin, or God decided he’d have a laugh at my expense.

Your prayers please. . .



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