The Smaller We Become…..

In some sports such as basketball, size really matters when it comes to winning the game. However the same can be said in the spiritual world. Jesus is forever reminding us that the smaller we become, the closer we get to tasting the spirit and returning to our natural state of Grace.

My son is currently obsessed with Star Wars but in particular the character yoda. Every time he comes on screen my son lets out a chuckle. He is amazed that someone so small …..can be so powerful. To be capable of jumping into the fight with big monsters and people that tower over him and yet leave unscathed. 

When I look at yoda, although he is physically small and is surrounded by a humble setting, he is a reflection of Christ. Christ teaches us that in order for our place to be raised in heaven and to see Him, we must become small, not physically small but small and poor in spirit. We must accumulate and train in obedience, patience, taking insults, endure temptations and how to pray ceaselessly. In Star Wars it is the force that yoda humbly attributes his power to. But with Orthodox Christians we attribute our graces and abilities to The Holy Spirit. 

Luke Skywalker represent d that disciple of Christ that we al train under. We go into the fight but we don’t leave without a scratch. We, like Luke Skywalker,  often get beaten to within an inch of our lives however our determination in praying no matter what our sins may be, is what will be the making of us for the man who never made a mistake, never made anything. 

The devil is all ego. In the Star Wars movies,Darth Vader taunts Luke when he is losing in an attempt to make him despair and get angry or lose hope. The devil does this with us too when we sin. He taunts us making us feel so horrible that we begin to despair of our sins and lose hope rather than keep fighting. 

We need to be like Jesus, to become small so that his power increases in us that although we may leave this earth with a few bruises and scratches on our soul… least we would have made it and that’s the main thing. 

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