Russia’s Refusal To Be Colonized By Europe. 

I probably shouldn’t comment on political tensions between Europe, Ukraine and Russia. When tensions arise people do bad things regardless who is right or wrong. However underneath these injustices lies the truth. 

Europe and America have always made an attempt to spread Secularism and Atheism via giving countries something most notably money and a chance for financial prosperity. An example of this is Americas refusal to give aid to Africa until they accept homosexuality, birth control and abortion. Basically it is a case of “I give you money and you fall down and worship my policies “. In the temptations of Jesus in the Gospel, Satan does the same thing to Jesus. He says he’ll give Jesus great wealth and all the kingdoms of this world if only he’d fall down and worship him. Exactly what Europe is doing with Ukraine.

European secularism and Atheism is desperate to Ideologically Colonize Ukraine and it does this by holding out the carrot of wealth and jobs. However anyone who gives into the temptation and bites this beautiful forbidden fruit, will of course die an awful death. I should know because my country Ireland’s Christianity, since accepting Europe has been demolished and now has become a secular/atheist country and now accepts gay marriage, abortion amongst other things.  

Ukraine should have already learned its lesson having lived for so many years under a communist regime. But sadly, by now accepting Europe it will once again lose its Christianity to another communist regime bent on destroying Christianity and it won’t happen over night. It will become a gradual descent over the decades the more it becomes immersed in Europe. Both the Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches will suffer. 

Russia, seeing this ideological colonisation taking place got angry and so they perhaps took a step too far by annexing Crimea, getting involved in Ukrainian affairs directly but what else do you do? Atheism is invading the east. Do you need proof the godless west is trying to ideologically colonise the east? Americas response to all these tantrums by Russia was to place sanctions upon Russia and already Ukraine is complying with Europes policies by relaxing their laws on homosexuality. There is a war going on you see between Christianity and the godless west and Russia who knows what it’s like to live without God, isn’t going to allow atheism overthrow them again. Unfortunately many Ukrainians don’t see the trap laid before them. Something a lot more sinister is trying to invade their country and its not Russia. 

Whatever we may think about Russia and Ukraines corrupt politicians or motives one thing stands clear. America and Europe wants to rid the world of Christianity. It’s already been successful in Europe and it will through time destroy Ukraine also. I pray that Europe is not successful in its conquest to destroy the Slavic Christian heritage like it has destroyed Ireland’s Celtic one. 

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