I’ve Been Called Anti-Catholic And A Vaticanophobe. 

Since becoming Orthodox, I’ve been called Anti-Catholic and a Vaticanophobe. Not just by lay people but Eastern Catholic clergy too. Apparently I cannot criticise ( respectfully ) the Roman Catholic Church and explain why I’m leaving it because in doing so I’m Anti-Catholic. 

When a fellow Facebook friend commented on my Facebook post that I was leaving the church whilst making many attacks, I explained that all the criticisms I have now are the same ones I made when I was Catholic yet people used to nod their head in agreement to me. Now when I make the same Criticisms as an Orthodox Christian, I’m all of a sudden Anti-Catholic and A Vaticanophobe and attacking the Catholic Church. 

This person since deleted his comment and sent some convoluted private message about testing me to see if I was really honest in my request for forgiveness ( it was forgiveness Sunday, I made a post about asking for forgiveness and this guy thought he’d let me know I wasn’t asking forgiveness for the apparent hurtful things I said About his church. ).

I value this person friendship on Facebook, I value everyone’s friendship. But it’s weird how much vitriol has come my way for going East from supposedly ecumenical Christians also. 

I forgive them but I take it all as a gift from the Lord who sends this to me to show me the way and as confirmation I’m somewhat on the right path to salvation. On top of that I’m also going through a hard time with being the Only Orthodox in the family. I worry about my sons but that’s a tale for another day. 

Please remember me in your prayers. 

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