ABORTION: Free Photography For Mothers Who Decided Not To Abort

I’m a photographer and I’ve had this idea running around my noggin now for about a year. The simple idea is I want to offer free services to mothers who at first were dead set on aborting their baby but who  decided against abortion and open a website to display these photos as a testimony to the world so that it may inspire other women to do the same. 

It could spiral into a photographic book funded by the pro life community of mothers and their babies alongside their testimonials. 

Problem is how do I reach out to these women? Where do I begin? Is there anyone out there willing to stand in front of the camera and say “Here is me with my baby and why I didn’t choose abortion in the end but life instead”? 

I don’t know what appropriate channels to go through to find thse women but it’s important I start somewhere as I feel it’s an important project that will somewhat help other women in crisis to think twice about abortion and if they do? Perhaps they could approach me and become another testimony and so on and so forth and it could snowball from there. 

The idea of course is not to offer photographs that are journalistic in nature but real timeless family portraits that can be framed and kept for many years. It’s a gift not merely some cheap reportage photography but something with more edge to it than that. 

Are you reading this and you’re a mother who decided against abortion? Want to be the first to make contact and get this project off the ground? You can so so confidentially via my website http://www.stephenmcelligottphotography.com 

God bless


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