Roman Catholics Not Papists. 

In a recent Facebook post an orthodox Christian began his post by saying “why do Protestant Evangelicals, Anglicans and Papists ” and he continues on with his question. 

What strikes me is that many Anglicans call themselves Anglicans and many Protestant evangelicals call themselves as such. But ive never heard a Roman Catholic refer to themselves as Papists. 

Furthermore this same person graced Protestants and Anglicans by calling them for who they consider themselves to be but continues to call Roman Catholics “Papists”. 

I don’t know if the whole orthodox world do this but I’d advise them that if they are involved in this behaviour to stop it now. We should call people by how they prefer to be known and it’s known world over that Catholics call themselves Roman Catholic or simply Catholic. They don’t refer to themselves as Papists or Latins. 

This kind of insulting behaviour makes me just dislike Christianity altogether and puts within me a desire not to attend any church at all. Christians hating and insulting other Christians, creating even more of a gap. The devil ( who is the major influence in the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant divide ) must be having a right Laugh at our insulting one another  creating even more of a divide because the Devil knows as scripture says that a divided house cannot stand. 

If we want a one Holy and Orthodox Catholic Church, we are going to have to stop insulting one another and approach each other as Christ did the  Samaratim woman at the well, as a beggar who delivered the truth with love and dignity not someone on his high horse. He didn’t approach her and say “Hello there SAMARATIN ( PAPIST ). ” there was no accusations just love. This is how Orthodox Christians should approach other Christians. 

I’m fed up of Christianity. . . Too much fighting . . .and pretty soon I’m gonna have to start my own sect called “Christians who just want to drink tea and pray for peace”. 

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