Put Christ Into The Curriculum 

How do we put God at the heart of our teaching at home? I often find teaching a subject and talking about how this or that reflects either God or the gospel to be quite good. 

Today we took a plexiglass dish and, placing some paper towels in it and cress seeds thrown on top then soaked it all in water. We then placed it by the window. 

I explained that the water and the light is needed for it to grow.

It is at this point that introducing the Gospel can be helpful. Stories such as the seeds thrown in rock, thorns and the good soil or the one of the mustard seed that grows and the trees rest in its branches. 

I decided to tell him that we are the seeds. We are so small yet we can never grow without the Water ( church ) and light ( Grace ) of God. We need this in order to spiritually grow because only the seeds in darkness do not grow because darkness offers them nothing. The more we moisten our souls with the dew of church and prayer, the more we grow in Gods love. As much as it takes time for the seeds to reach their own true potential it is the same for us whose growth in God is a gradual process that cannot be rushed. 

I also taught him how to use his watch as a compass. Here again we can discuss how humans need a moral compass in order to find their way to Christ and the moral compass is the Gospel and just how we need to learn how to use a compass to find our way to the sweet shop,  we also need to learn how to read the Gospel correctly so that we do not fall into error and end up headed in the wrong direction. 

Try these things, they help make learning science or any subject more fun also. 

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