Who Spends €850 For A Phone? People With Little Sense. 

I was given an iPad 2 as a gift when they first came out. The only thing I’ve ever bought from Apple directly therefore is their Apple TV. 

I was in my mothers house the other day where a discussion arose with my niece over the cost of her phone. She explained her Samsung Galaxy s7 gold edge phone cost a whopping €850 euros. 

All she really uses it for other than phone calls and texting is Facebook, news or weather apps. All these things I can already get either on my more versatile PC or €100 android tablet from acer. Some people say you get what you pay for but I can’t understand why people are willing to fork out near €1000 euros for more speed and memory storage for photo and videos. 

All I want a phone for is to call and possibly text someone. I refuse too give the Apple and Andriod market any more of my money and I think I’ll just stick with the €20 euro phone that will inevitably survive more knocks and falls than some smartphone built to break and be replaced at almost the cost of the phone itself. 

I fell into the Andriod market and bought a smartphone. A year later it broke down. Electronic things eventually pack it in at one stage but these expensive phones are made to deteriorate and fast because that’s how greedy marketing ( disguised as offering the world a new service presented as something they need ) works. 

The benefits of avoiding a smart phone means my heads not buried in a virtual world of constant contact with strangers, aquaintances and family via Facebook who also suffer from being useless info addicts in a world where we find it easier to say it in a text than meet face to face in conversation. 

Nope. Give me that cheap easily -replaced -if -broken phone any day of the week. 

Your thoughts? 

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