A Majority Of Atheists Hate Their Fathers. 

We cannot speak for all Athiests but to deny experiences effect our psyche and ultimately determine our decision making in life, would be to do so out of if ignorance. Of course our experiences through life effect us either immediately or later on in years.

A lot of decisions we make in life especially ones of gigantic proportions such as religion or no religion at all, are largely due to our upbringing and the environment in which we were brought up. 

Through my experiences most atheists I’ve met have had bad relationships with their fathers, come from a divorced family or a mixture of both. 

A family member of mine to begin with, his father beat him to within an inch of his life when he was young. He just picked on him because out of all his brothers he was the least admirable according to his father at the time. 

By the time he was 16 years old, he fell into the world of music and became a writer and singer. He’d often dye his hair different colors and became indifferent with God and church altogether. He’s in his 50s now and he still doesn’t go to church or practice his religion at all. 

His children are also atheist and non church goers. As the old Irish saying goes “what’s in the cats in the kitten”. Which brings me to insert here that not all atheists comes from broken homes or have a bad relationship with their father but usually are brought up in this world that way because their own father is the one who had a bad relationship with his father and so on. 

Another example is of three guys I know whose fathers were a drunk and beat their mother up or them also after a night of heavy drinking. One of these men actually shot his father dead when he was a wee boy as he couldn’t watch his father treat his mother that way anymore. 

What’s my point and what am I trying to get at I hear you ask and how does this lead to a denial of God existence? Well God as we know is a loving father. Therefore many of these men view having to call anyone father as a task of the impossible especially a loving father such as God. 

Therefore how do you present the idea of a Holy Family and Loving God the Father to someone who comes from a broken home or whose father left them at an early age and beat them up? They’ve never experienced the love of a father or a concrete family so how do you approach them With the words “Our Father who art in heaven”. That prayer alone is enough to churn their stomach. 

Next time you’re talking to an atheist and you’re aware of their past with their father, bring it up. Ask them is it possible that because they’ve lived a life without the love of a father, they find the Christian religion of a loving God the father Father most abhorrent? Either they’ll go into fight more or flight. What I mean is they’ll either get angry at you for daring to suggest it or they’ll dodge the question and shrivel up inside and walk away. 

Whatever they decide to choose ( either fight or flight ) it proves that it’s not you or what you said that’s annoying them but their conscience. For the darkness hates the light because it exposes them and they fear this light because it may mean they be converted and healed of their sickness. 

Have you read the story of Cain and Abel in the bible? God is their father, he favours Abel and Cain feels his father treats him unfairly. He kills his brother and then hides from God. He eventually turns his back on God and so the spirit of Cain begins. Atheists ( Cain ) view their own fathers the same way and of course they feel the same way about God himself as someone who restricts their freedom to do as they please. Like Cain they’re hiding from God and when asked to give account for their behaviour or atheism they present their cover and excuses via their philosophical arguments just like Cain did with God. “Am I my brothers keeper?” Cain says. And so the mark of Cain lives on and I see it in atheists. Every time an atheist is challenged and I hear him say ” well just because I can’t prove God doesn’t exist does that mean he exists? ” I hear Cain “how would I know? Am I my brothers keeper?” Excuses excuses. 

So how do we evangelise atheists? You don’t. You simply leave them be and pray for them because belief in God is a Grace of God, a grace we need daily all of us and that we pray for the world to have. So pray. 

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15 thoughts on “A Majority Of Atheists Hate Their Fathers. 

  1. Matt

    Perhaps the man whose father beat him or the three guys who saw their mother beaten weren’t interested in a god that didn’t intervene?

    • Yes Matt this kind of thought process could have also played a major role in the rejection of a loving God as father not stepping into smite down the offender with a bolt of lightening, putting an end to such suffering. After all we are followers of Christ who himself when suffering on the Cross said “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” But the Son could never reject his father no matter how much he complained about God not stepping in. Even the Pharisees human way of thinking was “where’s his God to save him now”? As he hung on the cross in suffering.

      I’ve seen people like my wife go through so much suffering in her cancer and not offer a word of complaint against God and I was in awe of her ability to Love God and treat her suffering as a passing cloud which she claimed brought her even closer to God and that God helped her find joy in the midst of something completely out of her control.

      I’ve heard of fathers abusing their kids and their kids still turn out to love God at the end of it all. For this reason it needs to be said that those who turn their backs on God because he didn’t intervene is sad but it’s just another excuse to go on the run like Cain did. But Jesus taught us that although we can whinge and moan to God for not stepping in to help us that in the end, God is always watching us and as Christians will resurrect on the last day we can be assured that no matter our suffering, we have a God who went through the same and in the end we will triumph with him over all suffering.

      • Matt

        I don’t think atheists are angry or whine at gods, they just don’t think there are any. Children are often taught that their god is looking out for them and protecting them. Noticing a disparity between what they’re taught at their church/temple/mosque and what they experience leads them to consider the evidence for the god or gods they’ve been taught about. When they look at the evidence some can no longer believe in gods and some continue to.

        Also, I hope your wife is well and I’m glad she was able to cope with cancer.

      • Yes children are taught that God is always watching over us but God is not concerned with our flesh as much as he is our soul. It is this that children are taught that God keeps watch over our every step but that Gods hands are also tied to Our Free will. I don’t know of any religion that teaches God is there to always heal our every suffering moment in life but our religion is one of the Cross and resurrection whereby we know that life itself, whilst it has many joys also has many sufferings but at the end of this, if we continue our way with Faith in Christ we will rise with him over such suffering. I find that we always want to pull God down to our human way of thinking as a God whose some sort of genie in the lamp and if he doesn’t answer our call then he’s not there or doesn’t love us.

        As for evidence of Gods existence no philosophic argument can ever disprove Gods existence or show evidence for it. Belief in Gods existence or non existence is due to faith.

        Atheists don’t moan at God but their very denial of him is testimony that they use excuse after excuse not to as I feel the argument for the case of Gods existence to be much stronger than any other.

        To be able to endure suffering and still have faith in Gods promise is a major accomplishment that cannot be achieved by the human mind or study but relationship with God alone. To be able to sit and be beaten or thrown to the lions and still be happy in sing Gods praises in the midst of this takes a considerable amount of spiritual heights but it is possible and possible only when we engage with Christ in faith and a relationship.

        My wife is doing great. Through prayer and chemotherapy she overcame her cancer both spiritually and physically.

  2. Matt

    I get what you’re saying but I think it’s too easy to overlook a child’s suffering and say God’s looking after your soul but the rest’s up to you. Imagine that you are one of the children in your example:

    Your father’s violent, beats your mother and probably you as well. You go to church with your parents and your dad’s well liked. In Sunday school you’re taught about the sick being healed, people coming back from the dead and other miracles. You hear messages like “all things are possible through God”, “ask and you shall receive” and “faith can move mountains”. Whether these are the correct foci or not is immaterial since they keenly relate you your circumstances. You’re running out of excuses to skip phys ed and if anyone asks about the bruises again he’ll get mad. Your mum will get in front of you like last time but you’re afraid that one day she won’t get back up. You don’t want mountains to move, or wine from water. What you want is for him to stop hitting her and maybe if you believe hard enough, if you have enough faith, God will do this for you. But he doesn’t. It doesn’t stop. Your faith wasn’t enough. Perhaps other peoples’ prayers get answered but not yours. Not when it matters.

    At this point a child might conclude one or a mix of: A) God exists and they’re to blame for not believing hard enough B) God exists but is indifferent to their suffering C) God exists, can’t intervene and so isn’t useful D) God couldn’t help because there is no God

    The problem for a child is how do they reconcile the ideas that God has a plan that won’t be altered by their prayers but that God intervenes sometimes and they should pray? Being told it will be okay when they die is pretty cold comfort.

    I agree that believing in God is a matter of faith but being an atheist (holding no beliefs in gods) is not faith-based. Atheists don’t really deny the god you believe in. They hold no beliefs in gods, which happens to include your god.

    • Thanks Matt.

      Ask and you shall receive, all things are possible through God and faith can move mountains are all true but the problem is many view sayings such as ask and you shall receive as if God is some father who grants every single wish we ask for as if we think we know more than God about what we need. Then there is the problem of faith. There are some people out there with great faith such as Jesus himself who asked God in the garden of Gethsemene to take this pain away from him and the crucifixion altogether but God gave him no answer even though earlier in the ministry of Jesus he prayed to the father and many miracles and healing occurred and God answered his prayer yet here his own father doesn’t answer his prayer.

      Like I said before the idea that God doesn’t answer our prayers even in the midst of such terrible suffering somehow makes him unloving and unfair God is to pull God down to our puny human way of thinking. He is much greater than this human father who just grants us everything at the drop of a hat.

      God is not a genie in a lamp no matter what it is we ask for. When suffering myself I gain encouragement from stories of children who love God regardless of what happened to them. Like I said already joy in the midst of suffering is possible and there’s no use banging our heads against the wall trying to somehow discover the mystery of suffering in this world, we must accept it occurs, is unchangeable and that God allows it not because of anything we’ve done but our first born parents. Gods promises and gifts are irrevocable and his gift of free will to our first born free parents who abused it cannot be taken back. We live in this passing world of joy, tears and suffering which can only truly be manageable when we humble our prideful hearts and seek a relationship with Jesus.

      You say your atheism isn’t faith based because there isn’t a God to deny. Yet there doesn’t need to exist a God in order to believe there isn’t one. Faith is simply a belief and trust in your own conviction that there is no God it’s got nothing to do with your denial of anything so I’m not sure why you’d even bring that up perhaps because you equate faith with belief in God.

  3. Matt

    My comment of atheism not being faith-based was to point out that an absence of beliefs in gods is a different proposition from believing that a specific god doesn’t exist.

    I understand your position and that you’re passionate about it but I feel there are consequences to holding the sorts of beliefs you expressed in the following:

    “there’s no use banging our heads against the wall trying to somehow discover the mystery of suffering in this world, we must accept it occurs, is unchangeable and that God allows it not because of anything we’ve done but our first born parents”

    I don’t share this view at all. I think that it is absolutely worth while exposing and tackling the sources of suffering in the world. Surely you don’t really think that domestic violence should be accepted as unchangeable?

    It’s been a pleasure discussing your post. I look forward to reading more in the future!

    • Absence of a belief in gods is different? But it isn’t you really do believe that there are no gods but it is faith based precisely because you can’t prove it and neither can I prove to you Gods existence and so both arguments are just philosophical. I find philosophy to be a mere road sign that leads you down a path to God or the path without God and that one of those paths are right and one wrong with the latter I believe being the wrong one.

      Domestic violence is unchangeable as is sin unchangeable. Christ himself told us we will always have the poor and so there are things in the world we cannot change but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make an attempt to help those in need or help ourselves because Gods not needed for everything he has given us the ability to help ourselves and each other so why don’t we do it?

      I’m reminded of a story I heard of a man whose beard is on fire and he’s praying to God for rain. I mean come on, your beards on fire? And you’re praying for rain?

      I know you don’t buy the whole Adam and Eve and that explanation such as this don’t help you simply because it requires faith but that is the reason we are here today and belief in God whilst some are led to it without seeing and some are led to it by seeing and some still are led to belief in God via a good philosophical argument but in the end it still will always require a leap of faith even by those who have seen. What? You’ve seen him with your own eyes and still this is not evidence for his existence?

      You see ( and I’m gonna probably begin a whole new discussion here ) …..there is evidence for Gods existence, but our pride and unwillingness to accept the evidence is what prevents us from taking the leap of faith. We make excuse after excuse when we see miracle healing in Lourdes such as “ah must be something in the water” or ” no this is a one in a million coincidence ” and we make excuse after excuse.

      Consider Saint Thomas in the bible. He claimed he wouldn’t believe unless he saw Jesus. When he saw Jesus he believed right? Ok but there are some who see and still don’t believe but spend their life making excuses like they’re hallucinating and are currently in a difficult mental state that prevents them from seeing reality and so they make excuse after excuse.

      One last example I’ll give of two people I know who were miraculously healed from their terminal illnesses one was my brother who was in a wheelchair and was celiac and another a neighbour of mine who when we were kids and friends he had leukaemia. He went to Lourdes, was healed of his illnesses but came home and led a life without belief in God and spent his days taking drugs and heavy drinking.

      So God answered his prayer but he wasn’t interested in this miracle healing didn’t effect him at all. I find that really strange but that goes to show miracles of Jesus showing himself and hearings doesn’t make someone a believer only faith does and faith is a gift of God for those who truly seek him out.

      Thanks for reading my posts and you’re a pleasure to converse with.

  4. Through your experience? …authority claim rejected.

    • Thanks Daniel so what’s your relationship with your father like? Are your parents divorced ? Are you atheist? Thanks for the comment. I’m not an authority on anything but it’s a simple experience of mine, one I’d like to do a scientific poll on sometime to gather more info about the theory I have. Have a great day.


      • My personal life is not your business. It does not become so because you have a pet theory about people like me.

      • Thanks Daniel, that is all I need to know. Usually people who have good solid relationships with their fathers and don’t come from a divorced household have problem letting us know that all is well in that area. It’s usually people whose conscience has been pricked choose the neutral ground of “it’s none of your business” like you’ve just done. Congratulations you’ve become another proof that my theory is getting closer to becoming more evidence based every day.

      • Alternatively, someone pretending to conduct a scientific poll, ought to take seriously questions about his own conduct. He certainly ought not to be foisting an exercise in poisoning the well off as a research project. All in all, your ad hominem is neither original, nor honest. That you choose to take my refusal to humor you as proof you are correct demonstrates only your own lack of integrity.

  5. maybe it is that religious people have had horrible fathers and find themselves attracted to the most of horrid of them, the christian god

  6. A majority of atheists hate their fathers? What the fuck is this 😂

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