EWTN Celebrities And The Nutty American Spirituality. 

My wife loves EWTN. I myself have great admiration for its founder Mother Angelica and in my view was someone with a profound close relationship with God. 

However I’ve no time for theologians and people on it who use it as a bandwagon to make money out of naive Christians. Call me a Pharisee all you want but some of these people lap up this supposed fame and are the biggest attention seekers I’ve come across. For example such as Scott Hahn puts up a meme of himself saying “You know you spelled Han Solo Wrong when you spell it Hahn Solo”. .

Oh come on gimme a break here this is self glorification and these theologicans are not helping others have a close relationship with God they’re simply teaching yoU ABOUT God. People are buying books on theology and spending their hard earned cash funding these people’s lifestyles. Take a look at Jeff Cavins DVDs the bible timeline. He charges $400 for these DVDs and that doesn’t include the binders that accompany them. 

Whatever happened to freely I give, freely you should give? Why don’t these lads get a real job? Since when has theology and flaunting ones gift of the Holy Spirit become a profitable profession? 

Saint Paul worked among the people and had a right to receive donations from them. He was a priest and he lived on what he could neither looking for full time luxury but of course theologians refer to this as an excuse to keep their full time job of making money. 

I love free enterprise but there’s two things in this world where I draw the line on free enterprise and that is the profiteering from religious teaching or inspired opinions of the Holy Spirit on theology. The second is ones health. 

And the Americans seem to just love to make money out of everything especially religion. The American Catholics you would think should know better but they can’t help themselves as their Protestant culture they grew up in compels them to believe they must make a few quid out of everything in life and so the entrepreneur in them screams. 

I try to explain to my wife that you don’t need Kimberly Hanns ( Scot Hanns wife whose decided to cash in on her husbands new found fame ) book on how to live in a. Catholic home. Seriously someone telling you to think of God as you Hoover? And you pay for that crap? I could have told you to pray while you bake cookies and it wouldn’t have cost you a dime. But you’re quite happy to fund this woman’s life to tell you to do,so. Look Audrey I said, all you need to do is go to mass every Sunday, pray the rosary. Practice the Sacraments and love your boys butnformheavens sake please avoid this EWTN marketing cash cow. 

Lastly I try to explain to people that Americans tend to go over board with just about everything and religion is definitely one of them. EWTN mostly focuses on the intellectual. In other words it only talks ABOUT God but there’s no spiritual elders like in the Orthodox Church who sit and give advice on how to grow in ones relationship with Christ. I suppose the closest would be mother Angelica. 

I find Americans are the biggest sufferers of legalism in the church and it’s hard to stomach so much so that I find the American spirituality and EWTN a cause for spiritual harm than good. It’s in their Protestant culture to be legalistic and anti mystical focusing only on the intellectual. They’re a country big on education of the mind but not of the heart. 

It does pain me to say it but whenever my wife asks me about EWTN I tell her to stay clear of it and to focus on reading the lives of the saints and growing closer to God because this is far more valuable than anything. Years ago theology learning was bound to priests and seminaries only and that’s the way it should have stayed. But now you’ve every Tom dick and Harry becoming a theologian making a few quid off it also. 

True Theology is to pray truly and sincerely. To have a relationship with Christ is the authentic theology and it’s all free. Put down your book on systematic theology or whatever it is and go and love God and your neighbour. 

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