Never let the Devil know your plans. 

lThe Devil is always listening. an army battling another army, when night comes the battle stops and resumes once again in the morning but with the Devil he never sleeps nor tires of dragging our souls to hell.

He cannot hear our inner thoughts except being able to judge by our external expressions such as emotional facial ones or sighing.

I learned that the hard way the other day when I mentioned to my wife where I was going. Suffice it to say it was an important spiritual visit but on my way there I experienced abdominal cramps so severe I took a detour to my Parents house and ran to the toilet. Later I had discovered that I was bleeding in the stomach and this was passing through my bowel.

It’s a form of poisoning called Gastroenteritis normally gotten from food and I got it after eating food my wife gave me. However the doctor insisted that it was not the food as my wife ate the same and is doing well. He claims gastroenteritis is also a bug going around and this is what I’ve had.

Either way the devil will always find a way to interrupt our plans whether it be through the ignorance of someone else or attacking the flesh directly. Sure we cannot always hide our plans from him but if it’s possible, it’s best kept to yourself. If you’ve got something to do just go and do it. Tell nobody about it until it’s done.

He hears everything and due to my own ignorance he succeeded not in preventing me from my spiritual journey but in stalling it for a time but God willing like the man stranded on an island determined to get over the first wave, I will begin my journey again once I recover.

All the devil can do is discourage us in the hope that we despair and give up. Please don’t give up hope. Please pray God will help me not to give up hope. We are all so fragile.

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