The Standard Irish Diet Is Killing Us. 

I have unusual low blood pressure, I’m 5″11 and weigh 170lb. I considered myself to be very healthy person who exercised a lot. A month ago when I walked into the doctors office to get my blood results done I never expected to hear that I had high cholesterol and I measured in at 7.5. 

I was eating Mc Donald’s almost every day and I’d a carefree attitude when it came to food of any variety. People used to say to me: “How do you manage to eat what you want and still remain skinny ? I’m so jealous”. Perhaps, I wonder, if the same people heard my recent cholesterol reading would then understand that someone really cannot judge a book by its cover? I was rotting away on the inside and if I were to carry on eating the way I was then I’d most likely be dead by 40. 

I happened across a book titles “How Not To Die” by Dr.Michael Gregor MD who spends his life working for free instructing us that what we eat can possibly determine how long we live. According to Dr.Michael and factual scientific proven research, most if not every illness out there is a result of the toxic unwholesome and unnatural food we are eating. In other words our bad eating and drinking habits are causing us to die a lot faster.

Illnesses such as cancer, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and strokes are all a result of the standard American diet. For example high cholesterol clogs up the arteries and having a stroke is a result of not enough blood circulation to the brain which then results in a part of the brain shutting down. Some illnesses of heart disease have even been reversed when people such as his own grandmother who was bound to a wheelchair, after several weeks on a wholesome diet sprung back to life and months later was hiking mountains with her husband. This great discovery of his grandmothers healing is what gave him the fuel needed to speed up the process of bringing this to the attention of a world currently eating anything without a care for how it was made or no interest in reading the small print on the label. 

We are a nation and a people who assumes that it’s ok to eat something because it was approved by the FDA. “Well if you couldn’t eat it, it wouldn’t be on the shelf” is our attitude. This needs to stop and it’s time we went back to eating a diet that is heavily dominated by wholesome organic food. Studies have not just shown but proven that those who are on a whole plant based food diet live longer and get sick less than those on a daily diet of red meat. Although the book doesn’t advocate we all become vegan or vegetarian, it does show that research proves those who are vegan or vegetarian are a lot more healthy than those who eat meat every day. 

Take for instance the natives in the Amazon whose diet is mainly plant and fruit based. Some of the oldest People in that tribe ( those in their 80s ) had the lowest reading of blood pressure to match that of a 15 year old. They were slim and got their exercise everyday and rarely if ever got sick. 

So I decided to pay my poor dad a visit. He suffers with high blood pressure and if there’s anyone who eats a high salted red meat diet with plenty of dairy and beer it was him. I approached him and urged him to give it up because I’ve read that those who basically went either vegetarian or vegan their blood pressure dropped so much in a week  of undertaking such a diet that their doctors had to take them off the pills otherwise their blood pressure would have dropped too low. 

I visited him today. He complained a lot because acquiring a new discipline and taste buds for something natural takes some time even for me. But I asked him “have you been feeling dizzy at all lately or suffered any symptoms of high blood pressure at all?” And he said no not all and he feels great. So I’m delighted it’s working for him and I’m surprised how quickly it happened which is literally only a few days of no dairy, red meat or salt but plenty of plant based food and whole grains. I’m amazed. 

Dr.Michale Gregors book is for sale on Amazon and Amazon kindle. All proceeds go to charity and he doesn’t profit from it which all the more proves that this isn’t a gimmick diet but a serious message of concern for his fellow humanity.

Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and we should take care of what Gods given us. St.Paul says in scripture that we should make our bodies obey us and so I’ve decided to force my body to enjoy some real food for a change. 

Your prayers please. 

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