Finding A Spiritual Confessor

People write books about how to find a spiritual confessor. I’ve never found one but here’s a very short tip on how you know you’re not quite there yet:

If you go into confession with a priest and you ( a terrible unholy sinner that ye are ) end up giving him spiritual advice its time to move on.

The times are hard as most priests are only interested in playing Golf and watching the GAA.  If you go to confession sometimes you will hear ”Ah you’re a good lad really and there’s no badness in you, say an Our Father for your penance and now you’re act of contrition please ”. This is another sign you’re in with the wrong kind of priest.

Anyone who praises you in confession and overlooks the bad things you’ve done and doesn’t in gentleness discuss this with you is more blind than you are and you should probably pack your breadcrumbs and move on. If you cannot move on and he’s the only priest in the village, then you should by all means keep going to confession. BUT……… keep praying God will send you someone decent. priests like this are just evidence that many are called but few are actually chosen.

There’s also this new age thing going on where they meditate like the Hindus and introduce Chinese or Japanese meditation techniques at retreats.

I remember going to a prayer group one night where the priest talked about Eastern meditation ( no…not the Eastern Christian kind ) and instructed us to breath in and out.

It wasn’t really going anywhere other than breathing in and out and getting light headed. I was left wondering at what point will all the ladies throw their gold rings and necklaces into the center of the group so we can all make a golden calf out of it but to my surprise it never happened.

Look….Life in the western church is hard but if you buy the right kind of wine its made that little bit easier.













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One thought on “Finding A Spiritual Confessor

  1. I really love talking to the monastics I feel they get a lot of the spiritual life mostly because of the total giving themselves over to the mystery of life and the idea of love being the eternal relationship.

    However you have to find the ones in a good spot in their practice 🙂

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