I like To Make Money 

I like to make money, and I make little but when I do make some money I feel like a satisfied fat kid whose diet has come to an end and is now devouring that pizza. 

As much as I like to make money and desire to make more to live a comfortable life for me and my kids, I’m also afraid of it too. Many view money as a gift and even some say it’s a blessing from God ( examples: King David and Solomon ). But I view it as a heavy Cross either to sanctify us or it can even be a punishment for many who have indulged even more into their passion of greed and allowed themselves become ensnared by it. King David and Solomon were given the wisdom to see money for what is was but even this did not shelter them from abusing its power and being infected with inflated egos that saw them tower over God and throw their weight around. 

This happened King David and Solomon because we always become that which we love. If we love money then we become cold and hard as money. If our love of money and materialism outweighs that of God then it’s only natural we become like money and not like God. 

The man who has God in his heart more than his business usually is more wise with money and is generous ( but not excessive blind generosity where you just give it all away but one in which gives back to society such as good business ideas that create jobs. We only give it all away if we feel a calling to do so and enter a monastery and even then we have to be careful who we give it to ). 

There is a man I know very well who has it all and yet has nothing. He’s a multi millionaire and has worked his whole life very hard to give his kids a good life, to be that man and put all his children through college. He has done all the right things regarding his finances but he has no religion, hates giving to charity and is very indivualistic and indifferent to anyone who he doesn’t need that exists outside his immediate family. His children are the same as him for often what’s in the cat is in the kitten. They too are not religious and extremely bad mannered. They’ve never had a relationship with him becaus they were brought up by Nannys whilst their mum and dad worked to get more and more money to be the big hot shots in society and go out and party. 

Even though we cross paths sometimes because we are in an odd way related, he has a particular hatred reserved for me. Perhaps my religious side pricks his conscience who knows but we are polar opposites. I prefer to keep him at arms length and his family are that irreligious I don’t allow my kids any longer to mix with him or his family ( for what has salt water got to do with fresh?). 

I think my experience of him and many other rich people all the more reaffirms the reason why I stay close to acquiring the true riches which are the peace and love of Christ. It’s nice to have money but money without Jesus being first is like having a Carriage with no horses to lead the way. We have the carriage but with no horses we aren’t going anywhere and remain in the one spot. The horse of wisdom is Christ. 

I pray for him and Hes given me and my family such hard time but I view him as a blessing from God. Instead of thinking that person harms me and my family, I think “that person sanctifies me”. Sometimes God puts certain people into our lives to keep us on our toes. I only pray the old devil doesn’t get him and God willing would love to see him in heaven when it’s all over for us both. 

We always become that which we we love and when we love money we become cold and hard like it. God invites us to use people like the man I described as an example of how not to live our lives. I like money but people like him give me a fear of it that whilst I need it, I should also treat it like a wild lion ever ready to pounce when I’m not looking. 

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