A Good Reason To Dry Your Own Fruit. 

It may seem easy to just pop down to your local supermarket and purchase a bag of your own dried fruit. What you have not taken into account however is what this dried fruit contains as a preservative which is Sulphur Dioxide. This chemical has been proven to develop ulcerative Collitis in the bowel. Again, we’ve been tricked into thinking were eating healthy when we buy a bag of dried apples. How these things get approved by the FDA is beyond imaginable. 

I decided to dry my own fruit and apples and bought myself a very basic food dehydrator to begin with. I do this with everything. I buy very basic gear and if my heart and soul is into it I’ll sell that and invest in a bigger one that can take more fruit. 

Dried fruit tastes better, is low in fat and lasts much longer than if it were fresh. Opened dried fruit can last for 3 – 6months and up to over a year if frozen. It’s easily stored and transported in your pocket. 

With dried fruit your looking at a temperature of 55-70c for 8-12 hours. An apple peeler for apples is not essential but certainly makes life easier as my son demonstrates below. Give it a try with your kids. It helps to have them make the food they’re going to eat. It makes eating and appreciating good food easier for children. 

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2 thoughts on “A Good Reason To Dry Your Own Fruit. 

  1. mikadozest

    I wasn’t aware of that! Thanks for letting us know.

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