Facebook: A Socially Awkward Tool

It’s a place where people can just say what’s on their minds and we use it to update others on utterly useless information about our lives and family. 

Many of us treat Facebook as our platform to seek out the attention of others to get our daily dosage of ego stroking. 

Facebook is also a tool that makes it easier to insult others by the simple click of of the “unfriend” button. In fact I’ve so many friends I don’t know and have never met on Facebook that one such person felt the need to let me know they’re unfriending me. In fact a few of them did it. 

“Sorry Stephen, but I’ve got to unfriend you because….” I’m sorry have we ever met? Will I lose sleep over someone who lives on the far side of the world and whom I’ve never met because….” And they say this as if they’re some sort of prize for me to have. 

I mean this stuff is crazy but it’s easier to be a keyboard warrior than to fight that battle face to face which is why Facebook, the Internet and social media make it so easy to do and say what you normally wouldn’t in the flesh. 

Such useless information we put up on it. “Wow that walk around the corner really took it out of me. I’m having a nice fruit smoothie now to replenish my system “. Eh….do we really need to write this on such a public forum? How does this type of information benefit anyone ? ” it doesn’t benefit anyone, it’s an egotistical trip and desperate plea for approval by people you’ve both met and never had contact with at all. 

Our egos are that big that the companies deliberately play on our egos by designing products in which help us indulge in the ego more and more and these really take off better than businesses that don’t. 

I’m forever posting rubbish myself. Next time we post we should ask ourselves “is this useful info that people need to know right now and  will it benefit others physically or spiritually ? 

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