Three Job Applications A Day

I’m currently self employed in photography but I don’t see it as a business that can sustain me full time. It’s much too soon for me to treat it that way. Instead I’d rather have a good paying job and do photography as a nice side earner. 

Getting a job in the current climate that exists in Ireland however is proving to be difficult. Just getting the interview can be a task in itself. My mother leaps with excitement, calls me and says “this company has 500 jobs to offer the whole country”. I replied “yes mom for the whole country of 4 million people ( population of Ireland ) and getting a job there would be like winning the lottery.

I remember even approaching a voluntary group for the poor who said their staff was full. I couldn’t even work for free. 

It’s very easy however to sit back and give an excuse why we shouldn’t apply for a job but I think motivation is the key here and so I’ve decided to apply to this company and two others a day, that’s three applications a day. 

I believe that if I behave like this that I will definitely land myself a job in at least a month and at the very least get a few interviews. 

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