I’m Not Vegetarian, Vegan Or A Meat Eater

Then what am I? Someone recently asked me concerning my blog posts what my diet is as perhaps they’re confused reading my posts which advocate a whole plant based diet that treats meat as a distant delicacy. 

My answer is that I’m not a heavy meat eater but only eat red meat twice a week. I do my best to eliminate dairy in my life and have fish once or twice a week also. 

I try to make my diet mainly plant based such as veg, fruits, herbs, nuts, grains and spices. All of these I do my best to make sure they’re non GMO and organic. I also make sure my fish is caught wild and has not been farmed as the drugs they give fish at farms isn’t good for either fish or humans. 

I don’t drink soda and only sparkling or still water is for me ( however sparkling water is more of a rare treat ). I will not even drink juices and make my own smoothies at home using my vitamix blender. 

I rarely eat chocolate or have an ice cream very rarely I’ll tuck into something like that. 

Basically as much as I respect the spiritual or physical reasons vegans and vegetarians choose to abstain from meat and animal products because they love animals, I’m neither of these. For me everything is in moderation and I always make sure there’s more greens in the cupboards than meat and dairy. 

This is because although the requirements for Vitamin B12 are low, nature demands we eat meat ( only red meat)  once or twice a week to ensure we get our B12. Supplements for B12 are man made but I’d rather go with what God made and so I still meet that natural requirement however I still maintain a certain level of respect for those who abstain from meat. 

My main advice is always “eat fresh, eat organic, be healthy and get happy “. 

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One thought on “I’m Not Vegetarian, Vegan Or A Meat Eater

  1. This is probably what I’m aiming for eventually though maybe meat just once a month and only if I know exactly which cow it’s come from. It’s complicated saying what you are – it kinda depends who’s asking/cooking 😊

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