Satan: The Genius of Accusations


The enemy is always watchful. When we hear scripture describe how he prowls around like a lion waiting for someone to devour, there are several ways to look at it.

First the enemy is always waiting for us to fall in our Christianity and in our sins. He’s known as the accuser and so I often find myself ( under his influence ) self suggesting that I’m a terrible person unfit to show up to Mass on Sunday. This is one of his tactics that often is an attempt to drive you away and discourage you. He makes you assume your sins are too heavy that Christianity just isn’t possible and you’re better off just living the life you want and indulging in your pleasures.

The other way he prowls around is through people. Not that he takes complete hold of them like in the hollywood movie the Exorcist, but he uses the spiritual ignorance of others who are totally and utterly blind to all spiritual things in order to accuse you. He takes hold of them spiritually and its a 50/50 relationship of their own free will in which they’ve condemned themselves and his suggestions and influence over them.

When you fall they say ”ahhhh, how CHRISTIAN of you Stephen”. ”I thought you were meant to be a Christian, you’re nothing but a horrible person and a HYPOCRITE”.

All of the above are a few examples of not only things that others who hate you and your religion would say, but they’re also the self suggestions that you will say to yourself  or rather, ( spiritually speaking ) the devil whispers in your ear.

Is it not strange that both the external and internal accusations are the same conversation? That’s because the father of lies is behind them both to discourage you in your path. If he fails to use self suggestion he’ll use your brother, sister, uncle or aunt to do it. In fact…why not use both methods at the same time?

I’ve a few lions prowling around my blog right now ( for years in fact) reading every single word I say. They are Anti-Catholic or atheist and have a strange fascination with my small remote blog here on the internet yet they lurk in the shadows and never ever comment. Why? Their fascination begins with the devil as it’s him who inspires them to this strange addiction of reading my blog.


They will see that explanation as silly because they don’t have faith in Heaven or Hell and see any mention of the devil as the imaginations of a mad person. However that explanation is just for those of you who understand and not for those unfortunates.

They lurk in the shadows waiting for me to make my fall so that they may pounce and tear me to pieces through shame, shame and more shame. They long for and often fantasize about a good scandal that I may crash and burn to their delight.

I call them what I call the devil and the demons: The Accusers

There is no forgiveness, there is no humility and all they want to do is bring you to your knees for their own enjoyment which is an evil passing thrill that pokes its head out from the underworld.

We all have accusers. Watch what happens when you slip up and say the word ”fuck” even in the presence of someone who is religious ( or thinks they’re religious and spiritual ) and assumes your holy and so religious and spiritual just like them.

They may not accuse you verbally but internally they’re doing it and making their mind up about you. We therefore have accusers even in the church who wait for others to fall and themselves, although they think because they go to mass every day and attend rosary groups, strongly believe that they SEE but are in fact just as blind as me.

This is because when we meet people we develop our own expectations of the people we meet either in person or online and we worship this expectation and never truly see the person or ourselves. This occurs until it breaks and then all our expectations come tumbling down but that’s a blog post in itself for another time.

How many times have you accused either yourself or someone else in the past? watch for this cruel spirit of no forgiveness, jealousy and envy because he’s always watching you even when you sleep for he himself never sleeps.

I’ve accused many also. None of us are free from it who live in the world but being AWARE of it is makes life much easier than simply being totally ignorant. When you’re made aware of bear traps in the woods, at least you can look out for them making your journey easier even though there remains a strong chance that you get caught in one.

Being aware of the devils tactics therefore, even though we are never free of being hurt by him, makes our spiritual journey through life easier even though we will often fall victim to standing in one of his traps laid out for us.







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