Atheists Don’t Like The Answers

Through various conversations I’ve had with Atheists, it just seems to me they don’t like the answers given, are often criticial of them because they never have an actual credible  response worth writing so laughing at the story or criticising it seems much easier. Others will present their theories that they’ve heard off the history channel but I explain those in a minute.

For example I’ve recently seen popular TV comedian Ricky Gervais tearing through the book of Genesis and story of creation.

The idea that God just created light or took woman from the rib of Adam and we are to just beleive that, seems so absurd as to render it an impossibile thing to beleive in.

It seems much better for an atheist to hear a scientific theoretical explanation of how the world began because the simple: ”Hey I created light, I offer no scientific explanation to the cause of this light, but I just created it” version found in the Bible to be just so child like and uncomplicated as to be given any credibility.

Atheists seem to show preference to another unproven story (theory ) which also requires faith ( belief in trust ) in the story of creation and like there are many religions out there, there are like wise many theories about the origins of the world, but because such theories seem more plausible to them and are desparate to mask beleif in an intelligent designer, atheists take a leap of faith in the opposite direction.

Having looked at atheists dismissal of the story of creation one can conclude that they are like children arguing with their father : ”Why did you place and organise the bed in such a way? why didn’t you do it my way” to which I can only imagine the father responding ”Because I’m you’re father and I’ll do as I please, even if it doesn’t make sense to you and I’m not bound by your authority to give you an explanation because…well… I AM the authority”.

I even know some Christians who refuse this child like version of God. They want God to be as their physics class and so the idea that God just creates something out of nothing is just not good enough for them. Like the child with his father, they want detailed answers and they want them now. They don’t want  to accept that anything outside of space and time is a mystery.

However, no matter how much we whinge and moan, God will not pull back the curtain of mystery anymore than the father will give an explanation as to why he chose to place the bed in such a place within the room. God has thus decided he is a mystery ( something we know little about but just not everything about).

Therefore seeing as atheists place their trust in the many theories ( lets call them many religions for now ) out there, none can offer concrete evidence on the origins of the universe simply because they were not there. Atheists often target theists with the question of so many religions out there which could be the right one? but the question must be placed on their own grounds with regards to the many theories out there, which one is correct?

Christians have the testimony and witness of thousands upon thousands of mystics, apostles and saints who have met Christ and were willing to peacefully die for this cause but atheists don’t even have that. All they have is theories and lets face it, if one of these theories were even remotely true then, being in the physical world we reside within time and space, all the other theories would have to be dropped as a matter of principal but they’re not, they’re still here.

One atheist I heard on youtube recently asked Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Austrailia: ”If God is so compassionate, why did he create a world of suffering?” unfortunately the answer I’d hoped for didn’t come from His Eminence but right away I was thinking: God did NOT create a world of suffering and violence, WE did.

However we wind back up again towards the need for faith in the story of creation, original sin and the testimony of the saints who saw God from the beginning or whom God revealed these inspired words to. This is why debate with an Atheist is entertaining but often bears no fruit simply because he’s chosen to put his faith in either his own philosophy on creation or someone elses.

None of them are true because whilst all have a fanastic story to tell, none of them have a concrete answer or witnesses to back up those claims as Christians do. So the atheist chooses to take a leap of faith in that direction and only the Grace of God could truly save him or her. therefore I rarely if only for purposes to entertain or learn more about God, will have a discussion with an atheist.








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