Irelands Social Welfare Problem

Recently I am just out of work.  I’m at my most recent job interview a few days ago doingmy best to find work that would suit me and my qualifications.

In the midst of the interview I’m asked ”Many see this job as a sort of useful tool for them just because they see the salary ( which was 19k a year ), company car and commission on top of this. what makes you want this job?”

This was a pretty straighforward question that I’d no problem answering however in my head I’m thinking: ”I actual get more on social welfare than this full time job. I make 372.00 euros for me and my wife and kids ( TAX FREE ) every week on social welfare.

In addition to this I get free medical. what happens when I take this job? I’m earning 19k a year and if you do the math that is approximately €365.00 a week BEFORE taxes hit me. I’ve done the math on that also and after which I’m only getting €334.00. If you think that’s tough try taking my free medical away because now I’ve a job and not entitled to one.

There is no incentive to work in this country. I’m taking a job because I’d rather work than sit on my ass all day and most of all to get into the race and make my way to the top.

By the way 19k is generous as some other full time jobs out there only give you €300 a week for a 36 hour shift.

Another problem Ireland has is its high school diploma requirement for even the most rubbish of jobs out there. There is no such requirement even to join the police force in the UK or America but if you want to work in a shitty diner and wipe some dirty tables, you gotta have graduated high school in Ireland.

This creates a problem because its very easy for foreigners coming to ireland from another country with a foreign language to fake any old lies to get a job and say they’ve been to this college or that  and it will not get checked by the company they’re applying for.

However if its an irish person telling a few lies on the CV to fill in the gaps? forget it! they’ll check you out twice over just to make sure you’re telling them the truth.

It’s a tough world out there but its made tougher for those with enormous gaps in their CV or Resume.

Getting back to the social welfare issue ( ignoring the horrible educational requuirements to work at pizza hut for now ) what exactly happened Ireland?

During the boom years before the crash in 2008, Irelands politicians gave everyone loads of money on social welfare. They promised more money if we’d vote for them.

That is how they get the poor to vote for them by offering more and more irresistable freebies. It’s important for poltiicians to get the poor on their side because there will always be an abundance of poor folk over rich so more votes to gather. In fact its just not important for the politician to gain the poor mans vote its vital to his survival in the job.

After the big honeymoon was over and the poor all got to live the life of a working man on social welfare, the crash came. A violent stormy financial tornado swept through the land taking with it every greedy banker and middle class house buyer you could think of.

Now the politicians are in a bit of a rut. They cannot take away the social welfare because they would lose the vote. They have already cut some of it because neccesity forced them to but look what happened when they tried? every tom dick and harry who thinks they’re entitled to everything under the sun and use the social welfare system as life depended on it got upset. Like children who threw their toys out of the cot they threw an almighty tantrum.

Socialism is to blame for this. When we give freebies, especially ones that exceed the minimum wage, we can expect a society of depressed individuals, drug use and crime to increase  as a result of boredom. We create a society of spoiled brats basically.

I had friends and relatives approach me and lament that I not take these jobs because I will lose my medical and be earning less. I explained to them that this is exactly not the thing to do. Once you’re in the job no matter the pay, you’re in the race like a fish in the water jumping up stream.

Politicians give us all this money because A) they’re own welled paid job and survival depends upon it and B) They want you to feel comfortable where you are and push all the poor into a corner.

They give the poor all the freebies they want so that they become stagnant where they stand, afraid to move off social welfare because they’ll suffer a minor financial loss for a while.

Every rich elite knows that on a large economic scale that every person who joins the race is always racing against them. Thats a competition they’d rather not have so they give you all the welfare you want.

No ladies and gentlemen, I’ve a plan and that plan is to get into the race and I’m not going to allow Irelands elite keep me from having a piece of the carrot to provide for my family and give my sons the education they deserve.



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