It’s The Little Things That Bug Me

Right now it’s electric lights in my local Catholic churches. We go to Mass every Sunday to the Dominican Friary Church in Dundalk because they use actual real candles and have a sense of the sacred with regards to the Liturgy. A real light that you can actually strike with a match and watch that real light and prayer burn before for your very eyes whilst inhaling the scent of candle wax.

This is quite a difference from just pushing a button for an electric light. Oh the whole 1980’s charismatic club will tell you that its not about the light but the prayer but don’t listen to these premature St.John of the crosses please don’t listen to them. Most of their congregations are liberal protestants with a disdain for Catholic teaching and the sight of an icon gives them the shivers. If they want to live in a world of Catholic rooms with no kneelers and chairs only as well as their electric lights in a room with no icons ( because they’ve obviously been reading St.John of the Cross wrong again ) let them have them.

In the real Catholic churches both Roman and Byzantine we burn real candles that engage the senses. The electric light display is just a cheap cop out and its a lazy way of saying I don’t wanna clean up that candle wax. Oh I’ve heard all the excuses. ”We don’t have the money for them”. please…just …no please don’t go there. What utter nonsense.

My dear readers, I cannot tell you how much I despise these votive lights that charge me as much money as when they actually had candles. Every time I see them I have horrible ( I’m tempted to subsitute horrible for pleasant ) fantasties of taking a sledge hammer to them and taking them to the scrap yard so that they may be recycled into something useful.

Please, teach your children to light a real candle like the apostles of old. instil within them a desire for the sprititual and other worldliness through the senses whether its candles, incense or icons. In fact where possible, let it be a combination of all three. Unfortunately this banal 1980s pop theology that is the Charismatic renewal has not kept to themselves in their own liturgy but invaded the roman church with their modern, protestant way of doing things and quite frankly I’m disgusted.

The Charismatic renewal was started by the Holy Spirit and continues to be so as a reaching out to a modern world but like with every good crop the weed always makes his way in. I’ve more to complain about these modern progressives hiding in the charismatic renewal who beleive women can be priests whilst the next apparently speaking in tongues. Makes you wonder are they all Charlatans and who is who?

Anyway I’ve digressed into an awful rant about the state of the Charismatics themselves but sure look, I’m too busy working out my own salvation and looking at myself to care anymore. I’m not equating myself to a prophet but sometimes I feel like Jonah and I get really pissed off with God and I runaway to sit under that tree and moan about the town of absolute morons who are ruining his church and he does nothing about it.

Surely there’s more to life than candles? of course there is but its the little things that bug me as well. Prominent Mystic and monk of the middle ages Thomas A Kempis said if we can’t be obedient in little things, how do we expect to be obedient in greater things? this goes for Liturigical things like candles also. its just so important we see that real authenitc spiritual light in front of us. Admit it…its far more admirable than some old tacky ridiculous electronic piece of garbage.



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One thought on “It’s The Little Things That Bug Me

  1. Even other religions believe that the light of a candle carries the spirit. It’s hard sometimes to help others understand that it truly makes a difference.

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