The Islamic Sack Of Europe 

The current sack of Europe by Islam bears a remarkable resemblance to the Sack of Rome by the Barbarian Visigoth in 4th century. Finally after 800 years of reign Rome fell under the immature and inexperienced Emporer Honorius. He was elected to the title at the tender age of 10. I think most of us would agree that this is way too young for a boy to lead one of the worlds largest empires.

Honorius reluctance to negotiate with the once Roman chief and soldier now turned Visigoth  Alaric saw the eventual sack of the once great empire. A lot of the fall was due to the execution of Roman Chief Stilicho who has been the trusted advisor of Emporer Theodosius prior to the reign of Honorius. 

Stilicho was executed based upon rumours he was trying to take the empire for himself. The shoddy advisors of the immature and inexperienced Honorious advised he be executed and so Stilicho was arrested and decaptiated. It was because of him that the invasion of Rome was kept at bay as he often negotiated with the barbarians and kept law and order. 

History repeats itself when one looks at the state of Europe today. In our society we have leaders being elected to positions of power not because of their intellectual and intelligent powers but that of fame and likability by their local communities or country. People vote politicians in on fame or likability because they themselves do not possess any desire to look further into politics and as a result make rather cheap and lazy decisions. 

When this happens we end up with very liberal, inexperienced and immature politicians who make extremely poor decisions. Such drunken decisions have led to not only the economic turmoil and crash of 2008 but ones on human rights issues such as the murder of the unborn and sick through abortion and euthanasia. We’ve also seen how this childish liberal immaturity has eventually seen Europe open its borders and through a miscalculated compassion allowed a very sinister religion (who does not believe in democracy) through its gates. 

The Sack of Rome was a gradual process but the Sack of Europe will be much the same. It’s predicted with the current rejection of Christianity in the west including acceptance of abortion, contraception as well as a multicultural society in (order to flush out any resemblance of a Christian heritage), Islam will exceed its numbers by 2050. As a result of inexperienced and immature leaders the west will have transformed into “Eurabia” not “Europe”. 

I conclude that history is always doomed to repeat itself. Humans are forever making the same errors time and time again. People like to say that God is punishing us throughout history for our errors but he does not. It is through our own turning away from the wise Church founded by Christ that we punish ourselves. Rome, in its heathen ecstasy and immature leadership, punished itself and as a result it fell. 

Now Europe in its rejection of Christianity and embrace of the new order, has become its own executioner and fallen upon its own sword. Due to the people’s election of politicians because of their popularity and fame and not their intelligence, not to mention their own lack of interest of the same subject, the sack of Europe is inevitable. 

Right now Europe is there for the taking and the islamic manly culture of the east, seeing how feminine and liberal the men of Europe have become including their leaders, are moving in for the kill. This is because Europe has abandoned God and so God has left them to their own demise. 

Lord have mercy. 

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