Love is not something we can learn

Love is not something we can learn, it is a Grace bestowed upon us through prayer and fasting.

Many of us assume it is easy to to learn how to love someone but it isn’t. In fact a much easier task would be the ability to climb mount everest than to love an forgive someone who is a murderer or rapist especially when a family member was the victim, it makes it all the more a concrete reality.

When we fall out with someone over an argument. It’s very difficult to forgive them or even love them when that person comes to mind. Right now I’m having that difficulty. I tell myself ”Meditate on this person …then love them”. But nothing comes, I still can’t stand to be in their presence.

I’ve come to the conculusion therefore than I cannot simply learn to love someone or just turn on love and forgiveness like the flick of a switch for a light.

Love is a Grace and although the practice I’ve just described helps it nevertheless is useless without the Grace of God behind it. How do I get this Grace?

Ask for it daily and your thoughts about this person will change. Grace can sometimes be instant but at other times it is like water that moulds the rock. the more we pray the more we are moulded and Grace can work like this also.


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