If The Catholic Church Changes Her Teaching I’ll Come Back

No you will not. Stop lying to yourself because the Church of England already did try to get with the times by compromising the faith and welcoming every secular idealogy under the sun. Still the Church of England attendance have gotten even worse after this to the point where many only open (for the handful who come in) at Christmas and Easter.

This is proof that the Catholic Churches re-arranging of the spiritual decor will do little to get you back because you’ve already made your mind up on religion havn’t you? And we are all aware of just how difficult it can be to convince someone (whose made their mind up) of an alternative right?

Right ok so stop pretending you actually really care about the Church and saying ” it needs to fit my perception of what truth should be.” Doing that is like making the sad attempt to bend the laws of physics and force 2+1 = 4. It’s never going to happen.

Why didn’t all the ”I’ll convert if you change and accept me for who I am ” crowd enter the church of England in their thousands and start singing Gods praises? Because deep down they really don’t care about God at all and would love to gloat at the fact that the church compromised to the world whilst they return to their heathen ways.

It’s like the jealous brother who convinces his younger brother to give up his Love for God leaving traps for him to get him to sin heavy and lead him to anger. He does all this so that he may shame him afterwards and say ”AHA…AHAAA I thought you were a CHRISTIAN. So much for your Christianity now you idiot.”

The brother wants to also prove, not just to his brother but to himself, that religion just doesn’t work in his version of the ”real” world. He want’s to continue in his own sins and so he is a perfect reflection of the world who wants to see the downfall of the churches doctrine.

Like the elder brother they present their argument and lay a manipulative trap that they’ll come back if we change (as if they’re somehow a sort of prize for us to have or something). When the church meets their demands and changes they gloat about this and it proves to them that the church is not relevant in the real world so whats the point in going. I now can continue to worship myself and the world I’ve built around me.

It gets under my skin something dreadful when people blame the lack of attendance in the Irish church to be a result of the church not getting with the times. As I’ve already demonstrated the church of England changed their doctrine and still nobody goes to church. The Catholic Church havn’t moved an inch and still attendance and vocations to the priesthood are very poor.

There we have two churches in opposition to one another with regards to teaching. The one met the demands of the world and the other didn’t yet still both experience poor attendance.

This is all a result, not of the teaching of the churches but the cultural shift in attitudes towards religion in western society. The current shift towards the new enlightenment and atheism/secularism is to blame for the lack of attendance. People are just not interested in God anymore the many reasons of which we won’t get into here right now.

The tables have turned and Eastern Europe and beyond such as Russia, Ukraine and Romania were all once atheist states and have lived without God. Generations were brainwashed into the new enlightenment but after many years of this they are now religious again. It is now the west who were once the shining example of a Christian culture who have begun the descent into the abyss of atheism and secularism.

What is worse is that the west ( unlike the East ) were not forced into atheism but have freely embraced it but already they are reaping what they’ve sown and the tower of babel that the EUSSR have built is already bursting at the seams and will come down one day.

Therefore church attendance from any western church has nothing to do with people not coming back to church. It’s just that you are a victim of the secular ideology and just like many are born into islam and reap its dreadful teachings, many are also born into secularism here in Ireland and reap its dreadful ways also.

This is why it’s important to keep vocalising the truth and spreading the Gospel whereever we can but don’t waste your breath on those who say they’ll come back if you rip a few pages out of the Gospel to suit them. Don’t waste your breath on them and shake your sandals as you leave because these people have already made their mind up and decided what truth is.

I pray and ask the prayers of many for the entire world.







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