My Son Is Shocked By Crucifixion. 

Whenever my 3 year old son sees a crucifix he lets out a gasp of wonder and is confused. He keeps asking “Why….why would they put nails in him? Why would they do that? ” 

On another occasion in the church there is a massive statue of the now lifeless body of Jesus hanging in his mothers arms. You can see the wound from where he was delivered a puncture by the spear. 

Joseph asks me: “lift me up dad so I can touch his blood “( he’s referring to the wound I just mentioned ). When I lifted him up he touched it and kissed it saying “why….why did they do this? Was it the bad people dad? Was it because they were scared of him, frightened of him? ” 

There is a perfect description of why they did it to him. They were scared of Jesus power, his majesty and their fear of Jesus presented itself as an emotion of anger. 

At the root of all anger is fear. When we get angry with out children for picking up a used needle in the alleyway, at the root of this anger is fear. We fear for the safety of the child but it comes in the form of anger. 

When we become angry in an argument it because we fear our good reputation or our losing the argument is too much. We become angry and so that is a result of our fear. 

The people who orchestrated Jesus death were afraid of him and so they crucified him. In fact when Jesus healed a demoniac in the Gospel the people of that town were afraid and so they asked Jesus to leave. Whether or not they said in anger the Gospel doesn’t say but presumably they were angry. 

But perfect love drives out all fear and we know that fear is a slippery slope to anger and anger a slippery slope to Hell itself branching out into all types of sins. 

My three year old doesn’t understand why the people are afraid of him and why they’d do that to him when he never did anything to harm anyone. A three year old theologian is what he is God bless him. 

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