You Gave $5.00 to the Homless Does That Make You Charitable? 

When we hand the homeless a sandwich or €5.00 that’s charity right? Wrong! 

It’s only charity if it’s selfless. If we are giving only to receive or satisfy an emotional kick we get out of being charitable then we are getting something in return and that’s not selfless charity. 

Some would argue that it’s good to get that good feeling out of giving as this motivates us to give. Fine but don’t call it charity. 

What should motivate us is the Holy Spirit and desire to see another person happy. What should be at the root of our motivation to be charitable is the ultimate desire to love and grace we get through prayer. 

Furthermore, if we give to someone only because we are hopeful of receiving Grace in return can this still be said to be selfless giving? 

True charity gives without ever hoping for anything in return whether material psychological or spiritual. But then sometimes I wonder, if I’m wrong. I’d appreciate your feedback. 

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