Scientist Discovers Definitive Proof For Existence of God

Video pretty much speaks for itself. famous for his string theory, Michio Kaku finding of Gods existence has stunned many in his scientific community.

The problem atheists have that I run into time and time again is that they view God as one cause among many. That God is something to be viewed within space and time amidst all the numbers but can the pots maker also be the pot?. But because Physics knows that God is outside space and time he cannot be measured by the scientific method or to be seen within it. 

Science can only lead us to the existence of God and give pointers. Then there is the problem with scientism which is the opposite of science and the belief that if we can’t see it, study and measure it within this immediate world it doesn’t exist but the laws of physics disagree with such fundamentalism. 

Another problem for atheists is they have to argue how something comes from nothing. How all this fine tuned physics and math that even if you were to remove a hair of such we would all cease to exist. They have to argue how all that finely tuned Existence of ours even down to the fraction of a hair, could come from nothing. 

But we all know that the uncreated God is a mathematician and his physics and math are music to our ears that ring out throughout the universe. Just listen to Michio Kaku explain it all for you. 

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2 thoughts on “Scientist Discovers Definitive Proof For Existence of God

  1. That’s an interesting interpretation you have there. Do you follow Michio Kaku much? While I’m sure you know that atheists do not believe the universe came from an absolute nothing, I do want to point out that Michio believes there was not only one but many big bang events, even ones occurring at the present moment.
    Are you familiar with his religious views? He was born into a Buddhist family but did attend Christian Sunday school but even with that, questioned where “god” came from. I wouldn’t get your hopes up that the “god” he is referring to is the same god you are referring to.

    • David, his beliefs are not the focal point here.

      He could be Muslim, Jewish and Christian or believe in multiple gods and it wouldn’t matter. What matters here is his explanation that there was an “intelligence” behind the creation of the universe and all within it.

      This is a starting point. After atheists can at least get over this hurdle, then we can talk about which God is the right one and narrowing it down.

      If Atheists don’t believe that something came from nothing, what do they believe it all came from? I’ve never heard an atheist argue that before.

      Thank you for your comment.


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