Photography And Cancer

I do landscape photography here in Ireland. It is a hobby of mine that I picked up when my wife caught cancer. We were sepeerated at Christmas as she was in Hospital. It was my birthday Christmas day and so she bought me a camera.

In addition to prayer many of us aquire certain hobbies in life that help keep the demons at bay and photography happened to be one of them for myself.

I suppose in a sense you could say the photography was a prayer in my desire to seek out and show the world Gods country the hopes that it may help them overcome their demons. Sometimes a really good sermon can be found in the silence of just one photograph wouldn’t you agree?

Many of my photographs in the beginning reflected how I felt at a time when my wife was in hospital for weeks on end. She’d come home for visits every now and then. Whilst home I would take her for drives in the countryside and we happened upon this lonesome tree. It was she who spotted it.


My Roots Go Deep By Stephen Mc Elligott

It was a reflection of both of us:

I was alone,

The storm prowled around me like a hungry Socialist whose belly was already full

The wind was the invisibile enemy whom I couldn’t see

Becoming louder and louder

My roots and the earth around me trembled but I could not see my opponent

The earth upon which my roots stretched beneath was as black as coal. ready to consume me at any moment

Leaves on my branches were gone

My trunk has grown wrinkled and tired

Somehow by an absolute miracle I am still standing.

In the face of all torture and trial

God has given me only that which my soul could handle

By his Grace I still stand as a testimony to the devil

That the gates of this quiet little house of God – That is my soul – shall not prevail.

You can huff and you can puff but you will not blow this tree from the ground

For it has seen the face of God

My roots go deep. . . My roots go deep.

I have fallen into pure soil

Separated by an inch from a world of hatred

Catch me if you can

For my roots go deep

My roots go deep.

Dear readers, in my next blog post I will explain my poem.



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