Tim Haines And Vericast

You may remember a few years back I wrote quite a criticial blog post on Vericast. My maine bone of contention was his rather angry and insulting style in which he would insult opponents of the Catholic faith.

He found the post and decided he’d respond. He did so with bad theology and displayed all the qualities of a person beginning his spirituality. In other words he came across as both spirtually and intellectually unstable in his faith.

He tryed to use the reprimands of Jesus and John the baptist towards the pharisees as reasonable argument for his insulting the opponents of the Catholic world. In contrast the Church fathers and even St.Peter himself in the new testament guides us in how we should explain the faith.

In addition to all of this criticism I actually had some postiive things to say to Tim. For example I was so dissapointed with this one aggressive character flaw of his but I couldn’t fault much else.

His youthful style, dresscode, visuals and his explosive charisma made him feel like the guy next door. It made me wonder why someone who had studied psychology did not see through the presentation of aggression as something that scattered the sheep rather than gathered them?

It has been 3 years since I laid eyes on his videos. How did I come across them? I was debating some hardcore liberals on the internet when this guy came in and spoiled it. He was Catholic and started spewing such hatred and insults towards these guys calling them fools and idiots.

He then beckons me to visit vericast.net and so I much oblige. Right away I understood this mans behaviour as a reflection of Tim Haines attitude. It was a fine match as Tim himself was spouting ”Your a fool, your an idiot, hey you anti catholics are stupid”. I told this man on the news comment feed right away that’s not the way to speak to people in debate.

Now after three years I decided to look at his videos last night. To my surprise ( and I don’t know if its because I only watched one or two videos ) he has calmed down quite a bit. In the back of my mind I’ve always liked him you see which is why for some reason ( Holy Spirit maybe? ) he sprung to mind and so I decided to check him out again.

I must say I am much more impressed with his style now as its fined tuned as a result of that one Character flaw being thrown overboard, namely, the aggressiveness.

There is another positive thing and that is he doesn’t charge people money for a subscription but lets them freely donate. That to me, speaks of a project the Holy Spirit has definitely wrapped his wings around and is supporting.

He’s much more enjoyable to watch and I have done what would have been the unthinkable three years ago and subscribed to his youtube channel.

Tim if you’re out there googling yourself again and you happen to find this blog post, I want you to know I’ve always loved you and will continue to pray for you and the success of your Catholic projects of the future.


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