Don’t allow your Children Mix With The godless 

Does that title immediately have you recall the Pharisee and the publican? Or maybe you think about Jesus eating with sinners? 

Ok well I could naturally understand you invoking both these passages to justify your reservations about my argument. However I’m not advocating we don’t love and profess to be greater sinners. I am also not advocating avoiding everyone in life. Jesus may have ate with sinners but the saints tell us later to avoid people who are bad influences on us in the same New Testament. 

Ok so I’ve gotten that out of the way. I would like to explore the problem of allowing our children mix with children who come from a secular or irreligious ( as in atheist ) background. 

Many parents under a misguided compassion allow this to happen where they succumb in the neighbourhood to allowing their children mix with other children possessing less than desirable attitudes. 

However as my wife soon learned, such liaisons were soon to have an immediate effect on the growth of our youngest Joseph. For example one of the children came knocking on our door ( about a year older than Joseph ) asking if he’d could come in and play with Joseph. 

If you had seen the kids your heart would melt, after all the kingdom belongs to little children no matter their status in life.  However whilst in the kitchen I heard them playing with some magnet tiles and as he dropped them, the little kid shouted “Fuck it! Fuck it! Argh Fuck it” .

Needless to say our son Joseph to this day still says “Fuck it!” And to this day it’s taking us quite a while to stop it. Again we allowed him outside to play with him. I saw the kid kicking and spitting at Joseph again and Joseph picked up this behaviour. 

The last straw was when this kids older brother kept picking on Christian my eldest. I had a rather rough altercation with the mother and then the father and since that day I’ve told my wife to take my advice and no longer allow the children out on the street. 

From now on we take them to parks and homeschool meet ups with like minded Christians. 

You must understand your children’s minds are growing from a young age. Their little souls are very impressionable and they assume role models very quickly and begin copying behaviour at the drop of a hat. 

This is why I homeschool in Ireland. Our supposedly Catholic schools are full of the godless who just baptised to get into the school. There’s no morals or prayer in their house and no religious structure there at All and that goes for teachers too. Therefore I refuse to allow my kids mix with that kind of bad influence. 

From protecting them at a young age until the age of reason, I am sparing them the secular brainwashing. Then it’s at this point having taught them right from wrong behaviour that when they do meet with such bad behaviour they’re able to use reasonable thought to take action. 

Am I being overprotective? Isn’t that just a word used by those of us who have succumbed to this misguided compassionate thought in order to justify letting our kids play with anything? Are we the victims of the over driven message of “equality” and so we have a misguided idea of what this means also? 

Whatever the answer may be, having experienced the bad effects of allowing my kids mix with others not of the same creed , and at such a young age, I wouldn’t advise anyone else to do the same. 

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