The Dublin Homeless In Hotels

I’ve come to a hotel in Dublin As I’m training with other colleagues for the beginning of a new job. I’m here for a week and right now there’s a housing crisis in Dublin where people can’t pay the mortgage or the rent and so they end up homeless. 

What is the governments short term solution? Stick them in a hotel. Problem with this is that they could remain there until something gets better. 

Every morning as I head down to work I’m greeted by mothers leaving their children to school. Today I was greeted by them playing hide and seek or with their toys in the hallway. 

They are immediately become fearful in my presence and some apologise for their noise making whilst the little ones too young to speak say nothing but their body language and facial expressions tell me they’re frightened. 

By the time I got to the elevator and had passed through them all, my eyes swelled with tears which I held back from making their departure down my cheeks. I held back because once I get going, I get going. 

I have compassion on them simply because I myself was in their shoes at one stage when I lived in the UK and yet here I am  heading off to my new job. 

Now some people give out about them because they’ve been in that hotel a year and none of them are going out to get jobs. It is therefore argued that they have chosen a particular lifestyle and stick to it. As a result, the logical conclusions by the tax payer is that we are funding that lifestyle. 

Here’s the thing, (and I’m dead serious about this ) Laziness is a sin but sin is also a sickness and anyone with a sickness we should seek a way to heal them. Some folks don’t  possess the ability to move and find work because they lack the mental capacity and confidence to do so. 

There is no such thing as an untalented person. God gave us all talents that would help us gain employment in any role. He also gave us the talent to aquire more talents and learn and climb the ropes. 

Sometimes these talents and abilities remain buried deep within. They’re there, but it’s important we have the right coach to fish them out of us. Some folks have had traumatic experiences in childhood and whether they’re aware of it or not this keeps them in despair. 

I have compassion for these people, you say, because I’ve been there and done that. Others don’t have compassion or wish to see their situations simply because they’ve lived a comfortable life. 

But that’s exactly why Jesus connected with the people of his time. He knew their woes because he assumed the position of a poor slave and was raised alongside them from a young age. The Pharisees who lived a life of fine dining and corruptible livelihood, could not see but were blind to it. 

They ( Pharisees ) were blind to it simply because they’re lives of sinful and excessive comfort had buried it. This is why the Lord heals the blind because he’s interested more in us taking the spiritual message from it. That spiritual message is that our sins blind us and only through prayer and grace can we begin to see. However sometimes along with this prayer we need to rid ourselves of wealth and become poor. 

Saint Francis of Assisi took this literally and so he gave up his wealth and really became in the literal sense a beggar. 

So all I’m asking is the next time you see a Homless family, don’t think “lazy bastards  who won’t work and live off of me “. In contrast to all of that that you should be thinking “She is sick, how can I use my talents to help her”. You know it doesn’t take much either. You don’t have to make an app or build a website or foundation for the homeless. 

Sometimes just a smile and simple “good morning” can alleviate their worry and may be like a roof over their heads and a fire to keep them warm. That smile, that wealth of joy inside you that you store and reserve only for your friends and people who are of use to you, is the kind of riches you need to give away to those who need it most. 

Shelter them indeed if you’re in a position to do so but also shelter them with your love because one roof is just as important as the other, and both kind of shelters you provide keep out the cold, one physical, the other spiritual. 

Pray for Dublins Homeless. Pray for those stuck in a mental block and have despaired. But remember always…’re not so great yourself. 

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