The Real Reason Why Religious Ditched The Habit

This Post will be short and sweet but I hope it clears up some minor misconceptions as to why nuns and some priests wear civil clothes around the clock. 

A lot of us tend to assume many religious who ditch the habit have already ditched the faith and morals of the Church. Individuals as such are usually deemed to be not trustworthy. 

I won’t argue that those assumptions don’t have some grain of truth to them but it’s not why some ditch the habit. 

Many substitute habit for civil because they’re trying to pull themselves down to the world they’re trying to convert. A lot of religious are correct in their thinking but it’s a mistake as your habit is not “authoritarian ” as you’d like to think it is. 

You’re religious so people expect you to dress religious and behave in a certain way. When you begin running around in civil clothes the cool kids see through the act right away and in many cases leading them to distrust you even more. 

I myself who am not in a daily habit get it easier to evangelise. I know where the nuns are coming from but it only works when you really are an ordinary joe. 

I always try to feel an individual’s personality out for five minutes or more and From there begin to pull myself down to their level and put on the act to get them to like me and trust me that I may then try and evangelise this way. 

I’ll give you an example: A servant came to his King and asked “how did you become a successful king when you were once a servant like me?” “Oh” replied the King, “I just agreed with everybody”. 

The servant was puzzled by this and asked ” how did you become king just by agreeing with everyone? that is impossible “. “Yes you’re right” said the King , ” it is impossible … How did I become king by just agreeing with everyone?” 

You see, we see people for who we are. We are constantly in search of personalities that fit our own. We carry around a shopping list when in search of friends and if they don’t tick all the boxes we are more or less likely to not care for them or keep our distance.

I exploit this weakness in human psychology and conditioning by pulling myself down to their level and becoming the person they’ll admire. I’ll even go as far in the act to use curse words if they’re using them. Some people don’t like this method because truth be told you can fall into bad habits but it works.

I’ll do whatever I can to lead you to conversion and plant as many seeds as I can. 

If you’re religious people will see through the act. Stick to your vocation, wear the habit and don’t imitate others but Christ. People see you as a beacon of light and so by pulling yourself down to their level will only lead them to abandon all trust in you. People automatically expect religious to behave a certain way you see. 

Nobody likes to do business with someone they don’t trust or like. If you’re a priest be a priest and leave all the acting and civil matters to buffoons like me 😉 . 

If you’re a Christian reading this I recommend you join me in putting on the disguise and entering the dark city of modern Sodom to evangelise and save as many as we can. 

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