I Love Meeting New People

In my sales job, I sell broadband. I have been going since 10am this morning to 10pm at night. I get paid a basic salary plus commission on anything I sell but I got to hit a certain target before I’m awarded such commission and hitting that target isn’t easy. 

This job has given me the ability to enter people’s lives for five minutes or more and make a difference. I get to enter their personal space and sometimes their personal stories which they voluntarily disclose to me. 

I suppose in a humorous way you could propose the idea that I’m not just a sales man but a therapist in disguise. There are people out there looking for someone to make a difference. It could be to fix a lightbulb or reassure them that life is not all that bad. 

For example, I met a guy who answered the door and his eyes were reddish and he was obviously under the influence of one drug or another. His 3 year old son stood beside him as he told me that he couldn’t afford Internet and “I’m a bit of an anti Christ right now and I don’t have a job”. 

Any other sales man might say ” ok good luck with that, not my problem see ya” . I decided to tell him my own company were looking to hire, he should submit his CV and give it a lash. 

He suffered from lack of motivation basically including whatever drugs he was on for depression or anxiety. He’s telling me these personal things about himself not because he’s an attention seeker but because he’s looking to be loved. He wants somebody, just anyone to listen to him and to reach out and love him. 

I may not have resolved his psychological issues at the door, but just those five minutes will give him hope enough to plant a seed that may give him the motivation he needs. 

Today I met a man who was already a customer but for months had a modem in a box which he didn’t know how to connect. He’s paying his bills all this time but could not connect the new modem. I went up stairs and decided to configure his modem for him and set it up. Took me five minutes. It’s not my job but why not?

He was so delighted he had the Internet he apologised for me having to set it up. I explained that I was sent to his house for a reason and he said “theDivine Mercy sent you” and I smiled and left. 

My last encounter was a Russian Orthodox woman. She was only 29. It was 8:30pm when I called and she invited me in and made me a coffee. She was the first house I’d called to in which I drank coffee that was decaf. I only drink decaf you see and it’s rare anyone has it but she did. 

So we sat for a long time and she poured out her heart to me and all the personal stuff going on in her life. So I sat and listened to it all. People like it when you listen. Again we have a scenario of a woman looking for someone to love her, someone who will listen to her. 

Yes, the job I have is hard and I meet many nasty people who sanctify me daily and the hours are long. But I do love it as it gives me the opportunity not just to sell good broadband, but to practice patience, love and make a change in someone’s day. 

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