Today I Am Feeling Tired

Listening to customers complain all day isn’t easy. Walking around in the hot sun having mentally challenging face to face conversations with ex customers in my job for 10 hours is not so easy either. 

I love my job and enjoy meeting people but it’s the people in between the generous ones that can really irritate you after a while. 

I’ve learned to just feel a person out as soon as they open the door and so I use a quick get out clause to remove myself quickly. I can tell straight away now by a persons particular facial expression or body language if they’re going to buy or not. 

I can also tell if things might get nasty and so when they do, I have a clever way of getting out of it now. I do this because time is money and I haven’t time to listen to Mr.Grumbles when Mrs.Cheery at number 32 is waiting for me to come along and sign her up for broadband.

I used to enjoy debating with them at the door and proving them wrong but it only gets them more irritated and I’m wasting my time. 

Now I’ve changed my tune and so today a guy answered the door and said “X” was much cheaper than you guys. His body language and everything about him and the intimidating stance at the door was a red flag for me so I replied nicely and walked away. He shouted “you must get that a lot” and I ignored and walked to next house. 

I haven’t time for it anymore. I used to stand and explain they’re getting value for money and cost vs price but People love being know it alls you see and when you prove them wrong it only irritates them further. So I say to myself: “what’s the point? Time is money and you can’t teach a pig how to sing, it only wastes your time and it irritates the pig” so I keep knocking until I find someone whose open for discussion. 

Today however I’m feeling the pinch and would appreciate your prayers. 

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