Are Men Lazy Decision Makers?

I’ve been selling a broadband product now for three weeks. I sell broadband bundles that include telephone and TV deals for a particular well known company. 

I knock on average about 200 doors a day. Most of my response in the morning is stay at home women and the evening will see a rise in males answering the door. 

I’ve made many sales in my three weeks but only one of those sales was to a man. Every other sale I made was to a woman. 

The women I come across are usually engaged right away with what I’m selling and they love either a good bargain or are willing to pay more for a better service. I find that women tend to be more curious by nature and so will invest more time learning about what you’re selling even if they’re in a rush.

Men tend to immediately shut you out and you won’t even get to pitch the sale or get beyond introducing yourself before you hear the words “I’m not interested”. 

A lot of other men become engaged but are unwilling to change even if the price is right. For example I met a guy who was paying one to provider €110 and his broadband provider €40. When I explained I could give him all that plus unlimited calls to any network and the U.K., for little over €60 he was unwilling to change. 

His response was simply “nah I don’t like the hassle of changing”. 

I get that from men a lot. When put on the spot men tend to be lazy decision makers. I know because I also was one of those men. When ever sales men called to the door, I was dismissive of them simply because I lazy and had no desire to investigate the product further. 

It seems that the only men I get call backs from is usually because I left my number with their wife in the morning. “Hello, uh…you were with my wife this morning and we’d like to go ahead with that offer”.

Women like to shop and be in control of their home. Whether it be the carpet, wallpaper, entertainment systems such as Internet and TV, women want to be the ones who develop that nest and keep it secure. 

Therefore I’ve had to base my own sales techniques on how to better sell to women rather than men. In sales, if women are buying your product more than men, then it’s time to focus all your energy improving your sales techniques in that area. 

Here is a few tips I have already on how to better sell to women. 

1: Be confident about your product and make regular eye contact. 

2: women like to be in control of the sale so make them feel that way by asking questions like ” So what is it you’d like to watch on TV?” And allowing them to make the decisions about the product they’re buying. You don’t want to suggest channels because they might turn around and begin to feel negative about your suggestion because they don’t let’s say watch sport and you suggested it. Sales is all about the emotion and you’ve been doing well to keep her happy thus far so don’t spoil it by saying something that will trigger a negative emotion and ruin the sale. People are more likely to hand over money when they’re happy vs sad. 

3: Don’t compliment her on her flowerbed, house decor or even what she’s wearing. Compliment her on her decision making as this empowers her more. Say things like ” you made a really great decision just now and that’s an excellent choice”. Keep focused on the sale at all times and her needs. 

4:build trust with your client. Nobody likes to do business with someone they don’t like so make sure you build this trust by making them aware even of the small print and fine details. Some won’t read it but the mere fact you suggested was enough for them to trust that there’s no need to read through it. 

5: Women like it when us guys just do it for them so rationalise the sale for them and don’t allow them to have to figure it out for themselves. 

That’s how I sell to women. I’ve a pitch for how I sell to men but I find them to be the impossible. Unless a man already wants it you’ll have a tough time selling it to him. 

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