How To Sell A Product More Expensive Than Others

I’m currently selling broadband. Other broadband providers rent our lines from us but they’re charging consumers a much lower fee to use their broadband than us.

As a sales rep I was suddenly confronted with angry people at the door who felt justified in their anger towards my companys prices and offers.

For example one broadband provider was giving people something like unlimited phone calls (local and abroad) including unlimited fibre optic internet for just €40.00 a month.

We charge €45.00 for just unlimited broadband and a simple pay as you use phone line…no free calls. Others were even cheaper with free phone calls at just €35.00

All of us sales reps pretty much fell into despair as if we were trying to sell sand to the arabs as to try and sell this broadband in a competitve market where our company wasn’t being very competitive.

A lot of us moaned about it but I sat and thought there’s no real point in moaning. Moaning never gets you anywhere.

It was time to put my thinking cap on. Afterall the company hired me not just for my legs to carry me door to door, but because of the brain I got and my elite ability to sell and persuade potential customers of a product that would benefit them in the long term.

Most people in the world only care about the bottom line which is how much the product costs. However there are people out there willing to buy into a better service.

I realised that whilst other providers were using the same lines and thus the same speeds getting delivered, they were not using the same modems. We were always leading the way regards our technology on modems.

So what strengths did we possess that other companys did not? With a little research I soon discovered quite a bit actually.

I learned that our modem is a dual band modem whereas other modems were simply a single band used by our competitors. Modems really matter in the speed and improvment of your internet experience. If you’ve got a shit modem then forget it, you’re going to run into problems sooner than you think. single band modems work on a 2.4ghz frequency. When they come into contact with other domestic devices such as a cell phone or microwave ( which also work on a 2.4ghz frequency ) there is interference and thats were buffering comes in and can cost you the game ( if you happen to be into online gaming with an xbox ) or the movie you’re trying to stream.

Our Dual band modem bypasses this interference and so when it senses such interference it automatically switches to a 5ghz frequency which improves you’re speeds and improves overall performance.

Not only that but our modem allows you to download data 1.4Gbps faster than any other.

I began to incorporate this into my sales pitch and to my surprise it was working. I explained to the prospect that should you invest time and money in our company it won’t cost you much in the long term simply because we are always on the cutting edge of broadband technology.

Other providers electronic products and research is much slower and so it will cost you more in the long run to hang out with them than us. Not only that their quality in relation to customer service is very poor and so this also needs to be taken into account when choosing the right company to be with.

I further explain that as a photographer myself on the side I come up against lots of photographers who are cheaper than me. They have the same camera but do they know how to take a photograph, do they posess the talent required to deliver a good product?

The potential customer is looking at me and engaged and I now dig deeper and say ”you and I both know that if it looks cheap…then it most likely really is cheap. but the reason we are expensive is because not only do we look talented, we ARE a talented company with talented staff.”

I break the price down for them so it doesn’t seem too big either and I say ”look…€2 a day is all you’re spending for one of the worlds best broadband providers and you’re not just paying that €2 for a quality service but peace of mind in the long term.”

Thats it, some are sold whilst others may say something like ”Yeah but I’m happy where I am”.

How do you confront a prospect who says they’re already happy? You explain to them the reason they’re happy where they are is because they’ve never tried anything better. They’ve yet to try your product which is much better and once they do, they’ll soon realise they’d never return to the sad depressing product they once convinced themselves they were happy to own.

That’s how you do it. My team was surprised to see on the board that I was selling broadband on its own. Whilst some prospects decided not to take the jump I had ones who did and gained a major 18 month contract for the company.

Each customer we sign up is worth €25k including commission for ourselves so the thought of having to walk away from that simply because we refused to get creative with our sales and just bitch and moaned about it is terrible.

When it comes to selling something expensive the key is to remain confident about your product. Explain the features and benefits of not just your product but your service ( there are folks out there willing to pay for a better service ) and why its worth the few extra pennies and you’ll have them eating out of your hand like a bunch of hungry robins in mid-winter.

Don’t despair, Love the product you sell and stand up for it. Because if you don’t beleive in the product you sell then you will never sell anything because beleivers are closers. If you want to close a sale you MUST become a beleiver.

Have a look at the materials and overall performance of other companies selling the same product and hold it up to your own and you will soon realise just why you’re more expensive. That’s it….now you’ve got the right gunpowder to blow the competition away with your more expensive product.

Happy Selling!!!!











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