Are Old People Really Wise?

In The Bible you will hear God tell us to listen to our elders who have experienced life and we should respect them. 

You will often hear old people these days justify themselves and their advice with younger people as something that shouldn’t be contested simply because they’re old. 

Wisdom however is not measured by life experience, age or maturity because anyone can have life experience. Anyone can turn around and say they’ve seen it all and worn the t-shirt but that doe not necessarily mean they’re giving out good advice either. 

You could have an 18 year old more mature than a 60 year old and whose advice would be more trustworthy why? Because the 18 year old lives a life in The Holy Spirit and its that kind of maturity we should all look for in a person when seeking out counsel.

When the bible speaks of old people who have had life experience and whom we should listen to, it’s speaking of a life experienced in the Spirit or one that has fallen into and experience of mistakes made. 

However the closer you are to God no matter your age, the more experienced you will be. If throughout your life you stay close to God, then at the end of your life you will be considered “Old” , “Mature” and “wise” . 

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