Lonliness Is More Than Just The Absence Of Friends And Relatives


As many of my readers are aware, my current job takes me door to door selling broadband. This job is like opening up a bag of liquorice all sorts as you never quite know what to expect when someone opens their door.

What will they look like? How will their personality be? Will they be in a good mood or a bad one? Whatever the case may be it is up to the door to door sales man to knock and be prepared for just about anything.

If you’re not the person who can handle rejection in various degrees throughout the day then perhaps something else may suit you. In my life for me a job is a job and I don’t get to choose.

It’s not like I looked up the jobs list online and had the pick of the bunch but rather took it because I’d no other say in the matter. Saint Paul says a man who doesn’t work should’nt eat and so any job will do me.

Selling wasn’t going particular well for me one day and it also happened to be forcasted as the hottest day of the year.

I decided I’d go into the local Marian Parish of St.Mary’s and see how the local priest was fixed for broadband. I asked for Father Marr and as usual our conversation digressed from broadband into other things.

He was fascinated by my job and the people I meet throughout the day. He began to talk about how the evangelicals are going door to door converting people and that a lot of the people are falling for these sects that seem to carry people away.

It was at this point I interrupted and explained that people are lonely. They are like little lambs with a broken leg, unable to come out to Church and to the community. They are waiting for us to come to them.

The Devil is also aware of this lonliness and so he comes as a wolf dressed in sheeps clothing ( the evangelicals ). He offers them an ear that will listen to their sorrows and pains and he snatches an already maimed lamb and lures it in for the kill through soft talking.

Nobody in the Catholic Church is reaching out to these people. Currently there are no missions like this that seek to meet people in their homes. To be fair to other Christian sects, they are afterall doing what Jesus himself did which is calling door to door and healing people of their lonliness through just spending time with them.

Look at the likes of Biblical characters such as Zacchaeus and St.Matthew the Tax collecter. Both of these people threw parties and had lots of friends but inside they were still lonely. The multitude of friends does not undo the lonliness currently plagueing someones soul. Both men then had a personal encounter with Christ and so the lonliness they always knew was there began to dissolve like a cloud in the sky.

Lonliness is experienced through becoming estranged from God and in lacking a relationship with him and his Grace. Monks living in the desert like St.Anthony didn’t care too much for the presence of men. He had the presence of God with him at all times and through his relationship with the Holy Spirit learned how to be content with what he had.

Like Zacchaeus and Matthew, most people don’t really realise what it is they’re missing until someone presents them with the Bible and words of comfort. Perhaps we are too hard on evangelicals? Afterall I often think of them as the good Samaratins who see their brother lying in the dirt and decide to do something about it whilst we in the Catholic church just step over them, ignoring their plight.

I have found that when I come knocking, people allow me into their homes, the conversation often turning from broadband into one where they are opening up themselves to me about many personal things in their life.

They do this because they’re lonely and crave love. It can be young, old and those living in urban or rural settings. I told the priest they crave Love. They’re just looking for someone to love them. Their anger at me upon first sight of me at the door is evidence of this lonilness and hurt within them.

Through my enduring patience and love for them this anger dissipates and a more loving person begins to blossom and the door they once held ajar is now wide open and they welcome me with open arms.

People are fragile and we should handle them with a lot of care as if we were transferring a precious antique from one place to another. We cannot do this though unless we’ve first realised we ourselves are fragile. We cannot see the problem if we ourselves are the problem and so like the blind leading the blind we go around in circles falling into this hole and the next.

I really admire the Christians who knock door to door. It takes a lot of balls to do it with Broadband let alone spread the message of Jesus who is more hated than any broadband company I know. Christianity will always be a hard sell even though it costs nobody a penny. Us Catholic Christians need to put our boots on and get knocking because whether or not they’re happy to see us, like Zacchaues and Matthew, such people are secretly awaiting the knock of the Lord upon their door and to be cured of their lonliness.

As I said before, Lonliness doesn’t care if you’ve all the friends in the world or none, all the wealth in the world or totally poor. Anyone can be a victim of loneliness and those of us who feel the sting of its tail are the ones who lack a relationship with Christ, his Grace and Sacraments.

The Lord is knocking, will you answer him?

“I, the Lord, am standing at the door, knocking; if one of you hears Me calling and opens the door, I will enter to share his meal side by side with him; those who prove victorious, I will allow to share My Throne, just as I was victorious Myself and took My place with the Father on His throne; if anyone has ears to hear, let him listen to what the Spirit is saying to the Churches;” September 7, 1987 http://www.tlig.org










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