Do NOT pay for spiritual direction

I recently saw someone share links to a new Catholic service which offers spiritual direction over the phone. They charge money for it. 

Do not under ANY circumstances pay for spiritual direction. You can offer a donation at your own discretion but also should not be notified of any “suggested” donation either. 

This is the kind if crap that started the reformation yet this charging money for weddings ( a sacrament ) and spiritual advice continues to be a problem for today’s modern church. 

America seems to suffer with its desire to make money out of everything which is fine until it comes to religion. I am sick to the teeth of catholic theologians and priests making money out of unsuspecting individuals just wanting to learn more about the faith and grow closer to God. 

Oh didn’t you get the memo? Nowadays being a theologian and spiritual director is a “job”. My wife bought be $400 DVDs one Christmas for my birthday ( I was born Christmas Day ) and I couldn’t believe she ( We ) spent that. It was just Jeff cavins standing in front of a camera talking theology about the bible. 

He wasn’t volunteering his free time out of any REAL job to do this but rather…..this WAS HIS JOB. 

Don’t get me wrong it was all orthodox I’ll give him that but the Devils always get it right too but what’s behind that lovely orthodox teaching lies a budding entrepreneur. Oh and Jeff even admits in his DVDs he was upset one time when he didn’t get promoted on Catholic EWTN television network and failed to get the job. 

I’m pretty sure the saints are bent over with sorrow watching all this happen. 

So don’t you DARE pay for theology unless it’s to cover his bed and food and costs of the room and items during the day. Don’t you DARE pay for spiritual direction either unless out of the goodness of your own heart you wish to do so. 

If you are EVER prompted to give a “Suggested donation” get up and leave never to return for he is not a real spiritual director and the Spirit is not with him. 

Christ gave freely and so freely we must give to others. Stay away from these EWTN opportunists and find a good Holy Priest in confession. It’s free and won’t cost you a red cent. 

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