Seeing Jesus In Islamic Terrorists

I was watching a documentary on Netflix the other night about a journalist who videotapes the war in Iraq. He is with a patrol following their every move. 

One day they happen to be in a quiet neighbour hood when a pro Islamic man runs at them with a gun. They shoot him in the head and he slumps down on his knees and bent over face to the ground. 

Soldiers are asking him to raise his hands but the man remains unresponsive until a solider spots the obvious and says “he can’t do that because he’s obviously in the process of dying”.

They roll the man over themselves and drag him off the street his blood trailing behind him and into a courtyard and laid on his back. 

The soldiers did not even offer minimal aid and they mocked and jeered at him. Just 10 minutes ago this was a man who tried to kill them and after all one may feel they were justified in their anger towards him. 

As I watched him breath his last breath from the comfort of my 21st century living room with a beer in hand, I suddenly saw an image of Jesus dying the same way. even though he was innocent Jesus like this man, died alone with many poking fun at him and taunting him. 

I further began to feel sympathy for the man who became infected with an ideology alien to his true loving nature which he once had as a child sitting on his mothers lap. 

Now, this image of Jesus lay in the dirt surrounded by men who, instead of praying for him, forgiving him and comforting him in his final hours they were taunting him. One soldier approached whilst the man was gasping for air and threw a towel over his face. 

There are many things soldiers do in time of war and all the shock that comes with it but there is no good excuse for hatred. Jesus said we must treat others as we would like to be treated. 

We cannot call Isis or Islamic terrorists evil if we ourselves treat them this way as the Islamic man was treated. We cannot fight evil with more evil. 

Yes if I was a soldier I would have shot him also as would be my job but I wouldn’t kill out of hatred. I have no desire to kill anyone from a position of hatred simply because Christianity forbids it. I would have sat by him, offered any aid I could and prayed for him. I would have held him in my arms and wept over him like he was my own son and that Jesus show him mercy. 

I’m aware not all war situations permit time for this but these guys had plenty of time and they used it instead to mock and jeer as opposed to use it as an opportunity to pray for and protect another soul from the grip of Satan. 

Pray for your enemies and love them. 

God bless


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