I do get nervous when I’m invited into anyone’s home

In my door to door sales job I would be lying if I said the thought of meeting the wrong person has never crossed my mind.

In general many people I meet are nice enough. However I’ve met some rather dark individuals whose personalities displayed all the attributes of someone capable of doing something very sinister.

How would I know? Well I’ve a big interest in psychology Over the years and can feel a person out within a minute or two of conversation with them.

I do get nervous when I’m invited into anyone’s home as no matter how charming they may seem are never always as they appear. My first thought is always my wife and kids when I do cross the threshold of anyone’s door as I head into the unknown. 

I have by some irate customers been man handled and pulled into their home whilst they complain about an issue they’re having which is irrelevant to my department. 

I am very patient and often handle this quite well. I always know that if I do run into trouble that I can handle myself and I wouldn’t hesitate to kill my opponent quickly if needs be. 

My most recent contact with some strange and irate folk has made me realise this job is a dangerous one. When you go beyond the door of someone you’ve just cold called, you’ve no idea who that person is and what they’re capable of. 

No amount of training in psychology or martial arts and use of weapons can ever prepare you for that moment when you turn your back for just a split second and get a hammer to the head never to be seen again. 

That said, we must always be prepared to feel out these situations the best we can. I see Jesus in everybody friend or foe but that doesn’t mean I won’t -in self defence – kill you if you wish to harm me or my family. After all I’ve a wife and two kids to get home to and my vocation is not a priestly one. 

I wouldn’t advocate living a life walking on egg shells either. We need to go out and meet people and some benefit not only from our product we sell but the joy we create in them. I’m only pointing out the dark side which needs to be acknowledged and cannot be ignored. 

The titanic was largely praised as a ship that would never go down and therefore the idea of everyone perishing and what we should do in that situation wasn’t given much thought. We need to be careful also in life not to be blinded by our own misconceptions of others and be prepared for when our assumptions of another’s personality hits the iceberg and goes down. 

Be safe

God bless


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