Do You Hate Your Father And Mother?

Of course you don’t hate your Mother and Father ( at least I would hope not ) but what of this passage in scripture: 

Luke:14:26 “If any man comes to me without hating his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, yes and his own life too, cannot be my disciple.”

Our Lord doesn’t want us to hate anybody but to hate the attachment and false notions we have created of them in our heads. For as long as we are attached to others including our false assumptions of them, we cannot be a slave to these things and to God at the same time. 

God wants to be number one. Without dropping all our emotional attachments to people and objects in this world we cannot truly ever learn how to Love. We cannot truly ever learn to Love if God is put not first but second. 

This emotional attachment to others over God is demonstrated in scripture where a man promises to follow God but he has to first bury his father. Jesus rebukes him for it and he says “let the dead bury their dead” and asks the man to follow him. 

We often think we know what love is, it’s plastered on every magazine and incorporated into every soap opera and romantic movie. Are these really stories of love?

In order to Love we must first begin to hate, that is hate all that is not Love, all that is not God. We must find repugnant all that is contrary to the Divine. Christ even invites us to hate our very own self, not in a suicidal way in which we become angry with the self but to hate and reject all within us that separates us from Christ. 

This could be our habits, sins and personality that doesn’t align with the Divine. We must hate within us the brainwashing and conditioning we received from birth in a secular society that’s thrown us from the mouth of one Lion to another to be toyed with before it kills us and we die. 

This is why Jesus tells the man in scripture “let the dead bury their dead”. He says this because people who mean the world no harm and live a decent enough life have nonetheless been the victim of the pagan/secular world. They are walking, breathing and know of God, praying to him daily but are still spiritually dead. They have yet to be stripped of the worldly garments they wear and be crucified to the world, to die to all its ugliness and be risen again in the Spirit as a new soul and body transformed afresh. 

So hatred of all that is not Divine is a good hatred. Hatred not of the father and mother we know, rather hatred of the father and mother we THINK we know. Hatred not of our wife and children but of the unhelpful focus we put on them over and above Christ himself. Hatred not of ourselves but the self given to us by the secular world that is not our true self.

We can never truly love another if we are not detached from them in some way so as to put Christ first. We’ve heard it said before that we cannot build a house without laying down the first stone. That rock is Christ and if we lay him down first everything else comes easy. 

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