We Make Incorrect Assumptions About People All The Time

There is a story about a 24 year old boy whose on the train home with his father. As he spots the trees outside the window he shouts “look Dad the trees are whizzing by isn’t that amazing? Those are trees?” A young couple take note of this strange behaviour and begin to laugh at him. The boy continues “Look dad the clouds are running with us”. The young couple couldn’t resist, laughed and said “why don’t you take your son to see a good doctor? 

The boy’s father replied “I did, we are just on our way back from the hospital and my son has been blind from birth but now he can see everything for the first time.”

What did the young couple see? They saw their own creation of a story they themselves developed in their heads. They saw a boy acting out of the ordinary and drew their own conclusion and then became convinced of their own convictions about what was taking place. 

That my dear readers is the perfect picture of every human. We are forever drawing up conclusions and base our convictions on these alone without ever entering into a more detailed analysis of the situation. It doesn’t happen slowly either and there is no build up but very quickly it can occur. 

Sometimes it can be to our merit whilst in other cases our detriment. The apostles in the scriptures and the Pharisees have done it. They drew conclusions about Jesus based on their own prejudices about him. They were not real and it wasn’t the real Jesus but the Jesus they created in their heads, the Jesus they thought they knew. 

We’ve done it ourselves and every human is a victim of it. It’s not learning how to eliminate such behaviour but to just understand and control it. Then the more we catch ourselves in the act of doing it, the more likely we can slowly reduce it to a minimum. 

We all paint a picture of something that we think is taking place but is not. We often do this, not just with others, but ourselves also. We tend to develop a bad image of ourselves based on what the world has conditioned us to believe about ourselves then become convinced of that and so walk around daily never knowing our true self. 

In order to discover truth about others we must first discover ourselves and uncover who we really are. Then having done that we will be able to make better decisions in every situation we encounter. 

If you’re thinking of the scriptural passage about taking the beam out of your own eye and the foolish blind leading the blind you will see exactly where I am headed with this. 

The whole dying to the self is very important because if we don’t do that then we will always walk through life asleep without ever truly knowing Christ and ourselves. We will, like the apostles and Pharisees only walk around the whole of life worshipping a Jesus we think we know according to our worldly conditioning.

People often want to know the meaning of life. If you strip off the old self and pray with more than just your lips and the odd climbing of a mountain on pilgrimage, perhaps Jesus will give you a glimpse?

We are all the couple on the train. We’ve all done exactly what they’ve done. Watch out for it now this week. Try and catch yourself doing it next time you’re in public or alone in your thoughts. 

God bless ya 

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