Finding A Mystical Priest

Finding a mystical priest isn’t easy,p. Jesus says in scripture that many are called but few are chosen. Priests often use this line today to discuss vocations. In other words they look at it as that very few seminarians get ordained ( chosen ) in the end.

even though it’s a good way of looking at it that’s not how I look at it. I see as many are called ( ordained ) but few are chosen ( mystical ones who are actually not just intellectuals doing a an okay job in their ministry ). 

I have my very somewhat unorthodox way of testing the spirits with priests. Poor things they’re the only ones I do it to because I’m always on the lookout for a good priest I can have a relationship with but so far haven’t found any. 

I do it to Orthodox priests as well as Catholic but more so to Catholic ones who nearly always fail some even exorcists who you’d think should know better but they fall for it too. 

If you get aggressive with a priest or confrontational and he gets that way too in response. Doesn’t make him a bad person or priest but he’s nowhere near a mystical one. If for any reason he becomes irritated in your presence because you’re loud and using foul language and unfriend you on Facebook or in the real world then although he may be a harmless critter it nevertheless demonstrates he’s not the one you wanna be taking spiritual advice from. 

Mystics on a higher plane who behave like the Angels don’t behave this way. You could strip naked in front of them, dance on one leg and howl like a wolf and they’d still smile and offer you some tea and biscuits. 

Mystical priests of this kind are hard to find but they do exist. 

However I always tend to advise people avoid relationships with priests outside of the Sacraments. They are on a different path than us worldly unholy people but anyway I do always test them always in the hope I’ll find that one little treasure but so far I’ve been unfriended by more priests than atheists hahaha. 

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